Xillion Strategic Vision

Hey Xillionaires,

This article will be dedicated to the Xillion ecosystem, where we will try to explain all of the major details regarding products we want to launch, and how they will be implemented into our ecosystem. Hope you enjoy reading this!

First of all, I would like to say that we are huge believers in the NFT and DAO markets. Both are just making their first steps, and will grow and evolve during the next several years. NFT and DAOs have dozens of perfect undiscovered use cases in many industries. For example, Gaming and Metaverses are strong at the moment (as well as different types of guilds etc), Entertainment Industry (streaming revenue - pegged NFTs, NFTs as a way of funding songs / albums / movies / books / etc.), Real Estate (tokenized buildings / apartments / hotels / commercial real estate. Finance (decentralized VCs are amazing investment vehicles), and other industries. By combining NFTs and DAOs in one platform, we can reach this synergy and build up an all-in-one platform for the Web 3.0 economy.

Xillion Ecosystem:

  • Launchpad
  • DAO management system
  • Trading Platform
  • Loan Platform (p2p)
  • Payment Platform
  • Tokenization solution (NFT issuance)


As you all know, this part of the Xillion ecosystem has already been developed and launched. Moreover, we already conducted our very first launch with Korean Music Star, DJ SODA. The IDO was sold out ($250,000) and heavily oversubscribed. Also, as you all know, we have launched and successfully raised 120 BNB for our second pool with famous fashion brands Prada, Burberry, and others. The collection is called “Wolves of Crypto”, which is also playable in the gaming Metaverse “Legends of Crypto”.

Why do we need a launchpad?

The launchpad is an essential part of our ecosystem, since all of the DAOs we launch should raise some capital first and attract their first community members. So the launchpad solves these two tasks perfectly and allows us to introduce those projects to you - our amazing community.

What’s the pipeline for the Xillion launchpad? What DAOs are to be expected?

Gaming & Metaverse DAO

YGG-style. This DAO will be primarily investing in Metaverse assets (projects like Decentraland, Sandbox, Star Atlas, Axie Infinity, Illuvium and others). The DAO will be buying NFTs and other assets from those Metaverses, and will be managing those assets (renting them out or monetizing in other ways).

How that would work :

The DAO will be buying assets from different Metaverses, with the vast majority of assets being in-game assets (including virtual land, characters, ammunition, weapons, even accounts in some cases and many others). Also, in some cases, the DAO will be acquiring ecosystem tokens of those projects as well. All of those assets will be added to the Gaming and Metaverse DAO treasury, and will be managed by the DAO in two ways:

  1. Scholarship - DAO will be lending those in-game NFT assets to gamers from all over the world, and let those gamers play in p2e games by using those assets. Here would be the only one condition: rent is completely free, but all of the tokens / other in-game assets gamers win / make in the game they share with the DAO (on a 50 / 50 principle). 100% of the income from this source will be added to the DAO’s treasury and will boost the value of the DAO’s token.
  2. Active management including farming, trading, etc.

What is the value of the DAO token?

The biggest value is that by having this token, everyone receives automatic exposure to all of the DAO’s NFTs and tokens within its treasury (+ to all of the refills such as profit from lending in-game assets to the gamers). If you believe that NFTs, P2E games, and Metaverses have a good potential, this is an amazing way to gain exposure to all of it by holding only one token.

When will it be launched?

Private sale and Public sale are both scheduled for February.

Investment DAO:

BitDAO style. Think of this DAO as a decentralized VC. We have good relationships with a lot of other leading VCs in the space, as well as with top-3 launchpads. Due to this, we have allocations in nearly all the latest/hot projects. Therefore, this DAO will be getting access to the hottest projects in the market through our distribution network, and will allocate capital from its treasury to those projects.

This is a good choice for those investors who want to be a part of those hot projects, but can’t get allocations.

Private Sale: March


This will have dozens / hundreds of different NFT assets, including blue chip NFTs like Punks or BAC, while also incorporating some rising star NFTs from different blockchains including Avalanche and Solana Ecosystems. So, everybody who wants to get exposure to all of those assets will be able to buy a single token and gain exposure to all of them. You can think of it as of ETF of NFTs.

Private Sale: March

TalentX DAO:

This DAO is a DAO for talented people from all over the world. Those who just started their influencer careers, or those who are actors, singers, athletes, etc. This DAO will invest in those promising young stars and get 20% of their future income. So all of the token holders will be getting a direct exposure to future stars’ income by simply holding the token. This DAO aims to find and support the next Mr.Beast, LeBron James or Leo DiCaprio and help them to shine.

Launch: Q3 2022

Insta DAO:

This DAO will consist of 3 bright Instagram and Onlyfans stars: MS PUIYI, Brandy Gordon and Danika Mori. Collectively, they have more than 20 MM followers on Instagram. So, now they are launching an NFT-related DAO for their fans to let them receive mind-blowing perks such as voting for the content to be created, exclusive merchandise drops, 1 on 1 FaceTime and instagram calls, special videos, and many more. These influencers believe that their fans deserve to have a voice and they want to figure out new ways for engaging with them.
This DAO will have exclusive NFTs as underlying assets and all the token holders will be able to claim them from the pool by accumulating a certain amount of tokens.

Launch: January

Stay tuned for the details.

DAO management system:

Since we are doing the entire ecosystem for different types of DAOs, we need to make sure that we provide all DAO founders and their communities with a convenient set of tools to manage them. So that’s why we are building a platform where all of the DAO managers can launch their DAOs, raise funds for them (pool capital), allow their DAO members to propose new ideas / suggestions, allow all of the community members to vote for those suggestions, and decide which things the DAO should execute.

Summarizing key features of the platform will include:

  1. Governance system (including voting, suggestions / proposals).
  2. Communication (comments to all of the proposals, invite-only chats for token holders only).
  3. Roles management system.

Trading Platform:

Taking into account the fact that we are building up a fully-fledged ecosystem, we need an in-built trading venue for all of the DAOs we will be launching on the platform. Therefore, users won’t need to leave Xillion to trade the tokens. In the first version of this system, we will connect the website to the liquidity from Pancake Swap and Quickswap, granting all users the ability to trade seamlessly and conveniently without a need to leave our website.

DeFi Section

We have the so-called DeFi part of our ecosystem, which consists of two major products (P2P loans and Payment System).

We are building both at the moment!

Loan Platform (p2p):

This product allows all users to lend and borrow funds by using NFTs as collateral. We believe that some users have huge collections of NFTs, but the utility of those NFTs is quite limited, so that’s what we want to improve.

How this works:

We will have a dedicated section, where those users who want to lend funds publish an offer with all of the details (including interest rate).

  1. User who wants to borrow selects the offer that looks good for them.
  2. User sends NFTs to the smart contract and locks them till it repays the loan.
  3. When a user locks the NFTs, he receives the loan amount to the wallet.
  4. Right after the loan is repaid and interest rate is paid, NFTs get unlocked and a user can claim them back.
  5. This service will be available only for Xillionaires Club members. (XIL token holders).


We have a payment mechanism as a part of the system. Mostly we develop it for all of those celebrities who are doing launches with us, because they all have real-world items, like merchandise, tickets, etc. So they want to let their token holders buy those items seamlessly. To solve this task, we are developing a payment solution, so all XIL holders and all the DAOs’ tokens holders will be able to use XIL and DAOs’ tokens to buy real world items on our platform.

Tokenization solution (NFT issuance)

One of the most important parts of our platform is the closed-door NFT-issuance aspect for A-level celebrities and influential people. We believe that the NFT issuance platform is not just complementary, but a highly synergetic part of our product.

How the platform works

Minting mechanism

We did our best to simplify the minting process as much as possible, due to a vast majority of celebrities not wanting to deal with the complicated process of issuing their NFTs.

NFT minting mechanism:

It’s an easy-to-use drag and drop platform. The user needs to upload a file he/she wants to generate the NFT from, then set up conditions such as price and royalties distribution (what part goes to the charity and what part goes to the user).

Royalties distribution:

The NFT issuance platform isn’t just a source of super rare and unique NFTs for our pools. Its main aim is to make an impact on society by distributing a part of all perpetual royalties among selected charity organizations. This process is fully automated, helping all users to simply and effectively choose a percentage of their perpetual royalties to donate. The beauty of this mechanism is that everything is fully transparent and regulated by smart contracts, making the process as cost effective as possible.

This feature is developed in a partnership with LittlePhill, a famous blockchain-based charity platform.


The backend infrastructure for the platform, DeFi economy, and DAO Governance will be built on MATIC. It allows for cross-blockchain playability, high-speed/low-cost transaction output, interactions with NFTs, and an easy bridge to the Ethereum blockchain.

XIL token utility:

Our main goal is to make $XIL as valuable as possible, and we believe with this new structure that our token will absorb a ton of new utilities and its value will skyrocket.

3 key utilities of XIL:

  1. Every DAO gives 20% of its total token (fungible tokens and NFTs) supply to the Xillion treasury, where XIL will be pegged directly to the Treasury. For example, imagine we have 10 DAOs (each having a market cap of 10MM), and each sent 20% of the tokens to Xillion’s treasury. This will make XIL’s treasury value to be $20,000,000 (where the true value of the XIL token should be no less than $20MM). Of course, it is not a guarantee that the market will value the token at the same level as its treasury, being that there is always a chance to be overvalued or undervalued. However, this fundamentally creates the target level which XIL as a token should be at. The more DAOs we launch, the more successful they get, and the more valuable XIL token gets.
  2. XIL - as the only one way to get exposure to the platform. If you want to invest in any DAO we launch, or use any of the services we launch (like payments, p2p NFT-based loans, NFT issuance platform, and others) you have to be a part of Xillionaires Club. And to be a part of Xillionaires club, requires to stake XIL (minimum 10k and up to 1MM).
  3. Governance & Voting - All users who have more than 10,000 XIL are eligible for being invited to the Xillionaires club. When users are included in the club, they are able to vote for the decisions that the company asks them to make. It’s the sole discretion of the company regarding the kind of decisions it should let the Council make. Currently, we plan to let the council vote for feature partnerships, token burns, commission platform charges, and many others.

And of course all of the commissions / fees will be paid in XIL only.

Roadmap for 2022

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram



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