Xillion Monthly Update: October 2023

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5 min readNov 3, 2023


Hey Xillionaires,

Here’s our regular monthly update on the Xillion incubator ecosystem. Today, we’ll be talking about two projects that we spent the most time/resources on in October.

Xillion.Research. (L2E)

First off, let’s talk about Xillion.Research. We’ve rebranded L2E to Xillion.Research and significantly expanded its operations and content production, which is a big step forward for this project. It allows us to establish ourselves as a full-scale research arm, strengthen the Xillion brand, and attract new users and token holders.

Now, let’s dive into what we’re currently working on.

We’re preparing for the upcoming sale of our native NFT, HodlingBull. For those who already own it, you know it has provided some impressive returns of over 700% and keep delivering a stable 25% / mo.

The sale is set to start in the second half of next week, and we will have a maximum of 500 NFTs available this year. The terms of the sale remain the same, with monthly quizzes offering a 50 USDC reward per NFT. This translates to a 10% monthly ROI or 120% per year for new buyers, and a 25% monthly ROI or 300%+ per year for first-drop participants. As always, XIL holders will have exclusive privileges and advantages, with 10 NFTs allocated for sale exclusively in XIL.

Another important focus is our content strategy for Xillion.Research. We recognize the need to produce a significant amount of high-quality and engaging content that attracts views on platforms like Twitter and other social media channels and to be able to make more partnerships and acquire customers. So far, we have published two fundraising reports and several articles, as you’ve seen. And now, we’re in the process of onboarding dozens of Web3 VCs to our content and providing them with pro-versions (8 signed, and 20+ pending). In a few months, we plan to transition this content into a paid version, which will create a revenue stream for our entire ecosystem. We acknowledge the need to gain way more views of our content in social media, than we currently have, and that’s what we’re currently working on by testing organic growth strategies since we’re unable to conduct paid promo campaigns.

So, as you can see, Xillion.Research is currently taking up a substantial amount of our time and resources as we prepare for the NFT sale and revamp our content strategy.

Moving to AllSet.

As we’ve mentioned in the previous update, our top priority is raising funds to support the company’s growth.

We’ve been actively working towards this goal, reaching out to around 56 VCs who have invested in Real Estate startups in recent years. From there, we’ve proceeded with five of them to the next stage and are currently in the process of pitching them with more detailed information about our company and answering the lists of questions from their analysts. Given the current climate of low fundraising activity, as you can learn from our Q3 fundraising report (the market is at 3 years low in terms of fundraising), we understand that raising funds is quite a difficult task now, so we don’t stop and reaching out to new VCs via introductions to increase our chances.

But, since we are raising funds, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be working on the product.
So, in addition to fundraising, we’re expanding our product offerings at AllSet with the launch of a closed-door pilot for a new product that enables real estate owners to unlock equity in their properties. This is a significant problem in the real estate market, and we believe our tokenization solution is the perfect way to solve it. Our feature allows property owners to sell a percentage of their property via AllSet and keep the rest of it for themselves, or to use that percentage as collateral to secure a loan, provided they have tokenized their property with us beforehand. The global market for this solution exceeds $1.5 trillion and there’s no adequate solution yet. Currently, we plan to launch a pilot program in Dubai, UAE, with 5-10 customers by January. Our tech side is nearly ready, and we’re working on the legal side as we prepare for this launch. In particular, we’ve decided to go with Dubai since it is well-regulated and Web3-friendly and a local regulator is actively helping us to set everything up correctly.


We keep expanding our partnerships network and currently we are talking with several firms including, a real estate developer, and several investment funds in Saudi Arabia to contribute on the world’s famous project Neom (by allowing people to buy off-plan properties) and to provide the solution for opening up the Riyadh real estate market to international investors.

We’re excited about these potential partnerships and the opportunities they bring for AllSet’s growth.


In order to achieve our funding goal and increase our chances of securing resources for the development and growth of our ecosystem, we have adopted a multi-pronged approach.

Firstly, we continue to actively pursue funding from VCs, as mentioned earlier.

However, we also acknowledge the importance of establishing stable revenue streams that can generate profits to reinvest into the ecosystem. Building and scaling multiple companies with limited resources is quite challenging as you could imagine, but we consistently strive to find effective approaches. Our long-term vision compels us to continue building and scaling, even in the face of resource constraints. Our vision is long-term, so we won’t stop building and scaling it because we don’t have enough resources as most of the startups do. Instead of halting progress due to insufficient resources, we are committed to keep building and growing it.

Thank you for your support guys, we appreciate it, especially now. We will continue working tirelessly to achieve our goals and fulfill our long-term vision to provide all the token holders and supporters with sufficient returns.

Thank you for your continued support, and we wish you a great weekend!

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Xillion by ProjectX

Xillion.one is a Web3 Tokenized Incubator that provides every XIL token holder with free tokens of every project it incubates.