Xillion Monthly Update: March 2024

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3 min readMar 25, 2024


Hey Xillionaires!

Here's our monthly update! Today we're going to cover some of the ongoing efforts as well as the traction of the projects we are working on. Let's dive in!

First of all, as many of you know, the vast majority of our current efforts are concentrated on fundraising activities. Our aim is to raise sufficient capital for a smooth and efficient relaunch, which will enable us to actively promote, provide sufficient liquidity and grow the project in the future. This month, we had discussions with several VCs from the US, Asia, and Saudi Arabia, and we've progressed to the second stage with 3 VCs who requested additional materials and asked more in-depth questions. We've provided all the information they need and are currently in ongoing conversations with these funds. Meanwhile, we continue to actively seek out other investors and infrastructure partners through continuous outreach, calls, and discussions. We'll keep you posted in the future updates on our progress here.

Now, let's discuss our portfolio projects. Although the majority of our efforts are focused on fundraising, we have managed to generate some traction for our portfolio projects as well.


With the rising popularity of Real-World Assets (RWA), we've started to see increased interest from real estate investors, especially in the US, who are exploring opportunities to tokenize their investment properties, and funds. For instance, an owner of 8 short-term rental properties in Florida is keen to tokenize them through AllSet and is currently sorting out the legal aspects to make a final decision on moving forward with us. Additionally, we're engaging with a Real Estate investment syndicate from New York that manages over $200MM+ in commercial real estate across the country. They were introduced to us through our network and are considering launching a tradable tokenized real estate fund and are looking into AllSet as one of the platforms/partners to potentially facilitate this.

Xillion Research (ex L2E)

Our Xillion research platform is evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated and interesting. We plan to use this outlet as a bridge to connect with potential partners, market players, and investors. We’re aiming to start posting updated content as early as next month. And for those wondering - Yes! Our quizzes are back! The next one is scheduled for the first week of April, so stay tuned and keep your NFTs ready!

Hedge AI and Amplify

Both Hedge AI and Amplify are doing well, though there haven't been any significant changes to report since the previous update. Hedge AI continues to perform consistently, and we've added options support to make the algorithm even more sophisticated. Amplify is focused on onboarding influencers, developing features, and preparing for the capital influx needed for its launch.

That's all for now. We'll keep you in the loop with further developments.

Have a great week!



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