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9 min readNov 4, 2022

Dear Xillion Community!

Today we have an amazing and important update! It’s going to be quite a lengthy article with many details, so make sure you have at least 15 minutes of free time to carefully read it. When you’re ready, let’s get started!

For the last several months, we have been actively developing our platform, doing experiments with the product, and thinking about what the best approach is to utilize our resources to get the most out of it for all the token holders.

We decided to fully turn our platform into a tech-empowered incubator that will not only be launching products, but will be deeply involved in the development, growth and management of them. All XIL token holders will receive a % of every project we incubate, so you all will be eligible for free tokens and discounted tokens of every project we launch. As one more piece of good news, all of the projects we will be implementing in our ecosystem will be using XIL in their products. We believe this would significantly boost the utility and adoption of XIL which is very important, and will eventually increase the value of XIL, because it will be pegged to all of the incubator’s projects.

Quick Takeaways:

1. Xillion is a tech-empowered incubator; all XIL token holders are eligible to receive a % of tokens of every project Xillion incubates.

2. This means that by simply holding and staking a XIL token you can get a % of tokens for every project Xillion incubates.

3. Part of these tokens come in the form of free airdrops, and another part comes in a form of massively (up to 50%) discounted tokens.

4. All of the projects we incubate will be integrated in the Xillion ecosystem, which means they will be utilizing our platform for managing their projects and growing it.

5. XIL token will be used in all of those projects alongside their native tokens.

How It Works Exactly:

Xillion has some stake (usually around 20%) of each project it incubates. Up to 10% of Xillion’s allocation is available for a free claim for XIL Club members (users who stake XIL token). So, this means that if you stake XIL, you can go and claim some free tokens every time we launch a New Project On The Secondary Market.

  • Imagine that “Project B” is going to the secondary market at the valuation of $5MM. Xillion has 20% of it, so 10% of those 20% is going to be 2% of the total token’s supply. So, those tokens will be available for a free claim only for XIL token holders (XIL Club Members). The more XIL you stake, the more tokens you will be able to claim.
  • At the same time, another 50% (10% of total supply) of those tokens will be offered at up to 50% discount to XIL token holders. However, you will be able to buy them by using XIL tokens only. The more you stake, the higher the allocation you get.

You can get a good amount of tokens for free + buy some with a huge discount (to public sale price). Sounds good, right?

Important thing - you will be able to buy discounted tokens only with XIL. Therefore, XIL will be directly pegged to the tokens of the projects Xillion incubates, and all of them will be redeemable by using XIL. Due to this, their value should be reflected in the XIL token value as well.

For example, if Xillion incubated 5 companies and each of them has a $5MM market cap, in total that would be a $25MM value. Then, Xillion’s share is up to $5MM. 10% of it is available for a Free claim. And, the rest is available for purchase at 50% discount from the public sale price. The Important thing is that you can buy those tokens only if you stake XIL and only by using your XIL tokens.

Summarizing Points:

Starting now, all XIL token holders who will be a part of the XIL Club (stake XIL) are automatically eligible for a free % of all of the projects Xillion Incubates, and will also get an opportunity to buy tokens of those projects for 50% cheaper than anyone else.

How to become a XIL Club member?

  1. Buy 50,000 - 1,000,000 XIL tokens. More you stake, more free tokens, and larger allocations for discounted tokens you get.
  2. Put them into the staking for a minimum of 3 months.
  3. Get into the Club.

At the beginning, we’ve opened up only 100 memberships. So it’s a first come first serve principle.

All members will receive NFTs. But to keep access to the XIL Club, you need to have NFT and active staking of at least 50,000 XIL tokens. The platform will be checking both parameters when logging in.


  1. To keep your membership, you need to keep your tokens staked for a minimum of 3 months after you joined the Club.
  2. You can obtain a membership only at the moments when we announce new slots. So if you want to get in ASAP, then this November is the only time to do that.
  3. After you staked your tokens, you will receive an NFT that proves your membership.

Note: When projects go live, you will need to have an NFT and XIL tokens staked so that you can access those projects and get free tokens (or buy 50% discounted tokens).

For those users who already have Xillionaires Club NFTs (the previous version of this initiative), you will receive a new XIL Club NFT, but you will also need to stake as all of the club members.


NFT drops will be happening quite rarely, the first one will take place in November. Each of the next drops will have a 100% markup to the NFT’s price.

So, therefore, every next batch of members will be buying access for a 100% higher price than the previous one. The first one is quite affordable (minimum staking is 50k XIL), the next one will start from 100k, and the next from 200k, etc.

All the Club members will receive special NFTs that will be opening access to all of the airdrops / token claims and other benefits.

Quick Summary:

To be able to get free tokens from every project we incubate and an opportunity to buy additional tokens with a 50% discount (cheaper than anybody else), you need to do 3 simple steps:

1. Buy 50k XIL minimum (you can buy any amount).
2. Stake those XIL tokens for 3 months minimum.
3. Get your XIL NFT and enjoy all the benefits such as free tokens and significantly discounted tokens.

Make sure you stake tokens and have an NFT, and then when projects will be live, you just go to the Xillion site to get your free tokens / or buy tokens with a 50% discount.

In the mid of Q2’ 2023, we will release a XIL CLUB portal, where you will be able to track performance of your tokens, claim tokens, buy discounted tokens, join token holders-only chats and more.

What Projects are We Incubating Now, and When Do Those Projects Go Live?

The first one is Learn2Earn DAO:

Quick description:

It’s an EdTech platform built on Polygon, which allows blockchain companies to educate their users via simple videos, articles, and interactive quizzes. All of the users who have NFTs get rewards for every quiz they complete. For the last two months, all of the NFT holders have received $500 / per user which is 2.5X (or 150% ROI) compared to their NFTs price.

Current status: Beta version

For the last few weeks we have received several incoming requests from VCs to invest in Learn2Earn, currently we are in negotiations with them. So, eventually when this project gets funding and acquires some more traction, and especially when the market would be better for going public, we will list it and provide all of the investors with an opportunity to trade its tokens.

1. How much XIL holders will receive for free?

From 1 to 2% of the total tokens supply when the project goes live.

2. How many tokens will be offered at 50% discount so XIL holders will be able to buy it for XIL?

10% - 20% of the total supply.

Hedge DAO:


It’s a new DAO / project which we are incubating and building right now. It's a decentralized AI-empowered hedge fund that outperformed BTC for 29.8% for the last 3 months.

This project provides all users with an opportunity to put their funds under the management of this investment DAO, and the Hedge will be automatically managing them via its proprietary self-learning system.

We’ve made some internal tests and this product outperformed BTC for the period of 3 months by 29.8%. However, even after those tests, this product will be in its beta version for the first 1-2 months (we don’t want any of our users to put their funds at risk). During these 1-2 months, Hedge will be managing its own funds and will be distributing 50% of its profit (to the extent if there is profit generated) among Xillion NFT holders. (users who stake min. 50,000 XIL).

Regarding the business model of this product, it is quite similar to what hedge funds offer. Hedge will be charging a 30% performance fee, and after that it’ll be charging an additional 2% of AUM as well. For all XIL stakers (XIL club members) there would be 0% AUM.

So, you all will be able to see a dashboard with the live data such as ROI, but wouldn’t be able to invest until the first 1-2 months.

Core team of this product consists of 5 people. They are mathematicians, traders, and developers. They are working on the investment models, algorithms, and AI. The Xillion team is helping with the product development, partnerships, business development, fundraising, etc.

Eventually, when this project gets funding and acquires some more traction (especially when the market would be good for going public), we will list it and provide all of the investors with an opportunity to trade its tokens.

1. How much will XIL holders receive for free?

1%-2% of the total supply.

2. How many tokens will be offered at 50% discount so XIL holders will be able to buy it for XIL?

10%-20% of the total supply.

We will soon (this month more likely) announce the third project in our incubator, and we believe you’ll like it!!

Closing Comments:

As you can see, we are moving towards the goal to make Xillion a large and successful project, even during this time when many small projects are going out of business.

We believe that getting good traction and scaling the ecosystem is a perfect way to get all of the benefits from the next bull cycle and perform comparatively good (even during a bear market). It’s not easy, but as a team we are committed to making it work.

So, if you’re holding $XIL, we believe you like what you have just read since the benefits for XIL holders we have announced are almost unprecedented.
We are doing it this way, because we believe that with the support of every XIL token holder, we can go through this bear market and become a successful platform. If you are a holder of XIL, we want to say thank you for believing in what we do and supporting us along the way!

Watch our Announcement Video

Thank you all for reading our update!

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