Xillion Major Announcement: New Project in The Incubator

Hey Xillionaires!

Today is an amazing day for the entire Xillion ecosystem! We would like to announce a new project in our incubator, All Set - a blockchain powered combination of Zillow, AirBnb, and Robinhood for the Trillion dollar Real Estate market!

Key Advantages:

  1. No entry barriers - you can start investing into real estate all over the world with as little as $1.
  2. All investments are instantly liquid. You could sell your NFTs (that represent your pieces of properties) any time in 2 clicks and 3 seconds. It’s a game changer, and you can’t find anything like this on other platforms.
  3. If you are selling your property on our platform, you will be getting 1% from every future resale of your property, perpetually. Even if you sell an apartment, it will keep making money for you forever. No platform is offering anything like this!
  4. Passive income. We rent out all the properties and professionally manage them, so all of the NFT holders are eligible for an income from rent.
  5. No hussle, No paperwork, No additional payments for maintenance or things of that matter - We cover it all for you for free!

And as the cherry on top, XIL token holders will be eligible for 2.5% of the entire ALL SET token supply for free. They will also be able to buy more tokens at 50% to a Private Sale round. Buying and holding $XIL has continued to gain unprecedented benefits for its long term investors.

During this week, we will be publishing more announcements and details about All Set. But for today, let us walk you through the basic overview so that you will get the concept.

Briefly About All Set:

Real Estate is the largest asset class in the world. Many ultra-wealthy people made a fortune via investing in real estate. But it was not always accessible for regular people like all of us. Huge down payments, complicated requirements for international investors, non-transparent procedures, etc. Therefore, hundreds of millions of people weren’t able to invest in real estate. We have fixed this issue. Now, anyone with as little as $1 can become a Real Estate Investor and invest in any property all over the world on our website.

What Problems We Solve:

For investors:

1. Liquidity

Real Estate deals are illiquid. It takes months to exit from the position. We solved this problem, being that all of our real estate assets are instantly liquid and tradable since day 1.

2. Accessibility

It is hard to invest in International Real Estate assets by using Web 2. We solve the problem by turning the properties into NFTs, and make all the Real Estate easily accessible in 3 clicks from anywhere in the world.

For Sellers:

1. Unreasonably Long Sales Process:

The average deal cycle is 5.5 months. On our platform, you can sell your property in 7 days.

2. Local Buyers Mostly:

Stop waiting for a buyer from your city. We could sell your property to millions of international buyers in 2 clicks.

3. Looking For 1 Person With All The Money Or Approved Mortgage?

Forget about it. On our platform, millions of users would be able to buy your property.

We have created a platform where anyone can build their own portfolio of dozens of properties from different countries for as little as $100.

How Is That Possible?

Fractionalization. We take a property, fractionalize it, and create 10,000+ small pieces and mint the same number of NFTs (pegging 1 NFT to 1 piece of a property). If you want to buy the entire property, then yes, you still could buy the entire property via purchasing all the NFTs.

How This Works On The Legal Side:

  1. We set up an entity for every property we have on the website.
  2. We buy a property as an entity.
  3. We then turn that entity to a DAO, and mint NFTs representing shares of that DAO.

So effectively, all the NFT owners own a portion of the DAO / entity. However, since the only one underlying asset of that entity / DAO is a particular property, all the NFT owners own a piece of that exact real estate.

If you want to buy the entire property, then you buy all the NFTs and the entity transfers the property title to you - having you become the sole owner of that property.

How Do Users Make Money?

There are two most obvious ways which will be available since the launch.

  1. Value appreciation. If the real estate you have invested will increase its value, then your piece of that will be more expensive as well. Since our platform is instantly liquid, you can sell your NFT anytime and make a profit without waiting for a moment when the real estate will be fully sold.
  2. Passive income from rent. We are going to be renting out all of the properties we have on our website. Some of that revenue will be distributed among NFT holders, another part would cover all the expenses such as taxes, maintenance, etc. So, you won’t need to cover any expenses, and moreover you will be making money from the rent.

Stay tuned for more announcements and more info about All Set during this week! That’s gonna be huge!

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