Xillion 2.0 is launching very soon!

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4 min readApr 8, 2022


Hey Xillionaires, we have all been waiting for this moment! We are proud to announce that Xillion version 2.0 is developed and ready to launch!

Let us talk a little bit about the features we have added to this release:

Invest by using XIL

We have added one of the most anticipated features, being that you all can now invest into the pools by using XIL. Starting from the Illuvium DAO, each pool will have 2-3 different allocations. XIL, BNB, BUSD, and every subsequent project which will be launched on the platform will need to raise at least 10% in XIL.

With this utility, we believe we can provide all XIL holders with a great opportunity to get more out of their XIL holdings.

Staking for allocations

We’ve significantly improved our staking for allocation feature. Now, it automatically adjusts the duration of staking for those who want to get an allocation. More importantly, this feature automatically calculates your allocation in 3 different currencies (XIL, BNB, BUSD) and adjusts it in real-time.

What this means is that with this feature, we are stepping into the new era of our platform, because the only way to get allocation now to any of the DAOs we have is to stake XIL. This will drive the demand for XIL, add one more cool piece of utility, and will bring new holders.

Submit your DAO

As you all know, we want to make Xillion as accessible as possible, so we decided to open an opportunity for all talented people from all over the world to launch their DAOs on Xillion. Beginning next Monday, in coincidence with the launch of Version 2.0, everyone will be able to submit their application. After the review of our team, projects will be added to our Governance portal, so all of the XIL holders will be able to vote for each DAO. If a DAO gets the minimum required number of votes, and gets the majority of votes for itself, it will be added to XIllion and will be able to raise funds and get its project launched by our platform.

Governance - now you decide what DAOs we launch.

All XIL token holders will be able to vote for the DAOs we launch. The Xillion team will be sending those DAOs to the Governance portal and every XIL holder could vote for it. This way we are adding one more utility, plus we create real governance. Therefore, we can decide what DAO should be launched on Xillion together.

Ambassadors Program

One of the main goals we have is to make Xillion stronger and bigger by increasing the number of token holders. By launching the Ambassadors Program, we want to allow everybody to promote $XIL, post about our project, invite their friends, etc. From our end, we want to incentivize those users who want to do this, so by joining our Ambassadors Program, everyone will be able to earn $XIL by promoting our project.

What’s Next?

More amazing features will be rolled out during the next quarter. The good news is that we have hired several talented developers to work with us, so the development should be going much faster moving forward. We already started working on the Q2 scope, thus more exciting things will be coming soon.

The plan for the next week is to polish the platform and make it look better. Right after that, we will begin developing some cool features - such as an automated tool for launching your DAO or starting fundraising (like drag&drop editor), as well as some other cool things.

Talking about some amazing business development initiatives we have.

Great news for all who have been waiting for Illuvium DAO. The first round of sale (ONLY for Xillion token holders) will be opened in April. Starting Monday, we will begin accepting whitelist applications. The first pool will be $50k (min allocation is 150 and max is 5,000). Allocation depends on the Xillionaires Club Tier. We have received 7-8X in commitments for Private sale already, but we firstly want to let our token holders get in.

On Monday, we will announce our new program, where you all can submit your DAO or recommend your friends to submit their DAO. If those DAOs will pass through our internal analysis and will successfully pass through the voting of XIL token holders.

We will invest up to $50,000 / each into TOP-3 DAOs (Those who got more votes). If you were the one who recommended this DAO, you’ll receive a $5,000 bonus. 25% of Xillion investment will be distributed in a form of several airdrops among Xillionaires club members.

More cool announcements are coming next week, so stay tuned as this is just the beginning!

Have a great weekend, and see you all on Monday in our community chat, where we will officially show the new version of our platform!

Stay tuned for further updates Xillionaires!



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