Wolves of Crypto Pool AMA Overtime

On December 16, 2021 Josh from ProjectX was joined by Alessandro De Vita and Johanna Armstrong to answer some of the questions submitted by the community. As this went into overtime, we have followed up their answers to the full list of questions and collated them below. You can also read the full live AMA here in Telegram.

  1. How’s it working in the crypto and NFT scene, different/better/worse than doing it with physical projects?


​​In the designs in which I have worked so far there are several steps:

- From idea to sketch.

- From sketch to representation.

- From representation to physical.

The first time I saw the transition to physical was for a project for “Base Milano” (a cultural centre in the design district).

They were stairs, when I went up if I felt them support me I cried.

Digital has one less step, but on the other hand, it has an added factor: the speed.

I saw those steps 6 months after I designed them, and

instead, these digital projects are fast and stimulating.

The response from the public in real time is something that cannot be fulfilled.


That makes sense. I am sure you can understand faster how much people love or critique your work in NFTs. (I love what you guys and girls have done for the pool btw!)


Working in the crypto/NFT scene is great because I have been drawing digitally for several years now. So much of my professional work exists in a digital format and it is second-nature for me. I regularly draw on my iPad and just because it is digital doesn’t mean it is any faster, haha! I have been increasingly interested in creating detailed, more painterly artwork and I can spend hours finessing all the details.

Beyond drawing digital illustrations, I am very interested in exploring ways to animate my drawings and adding music so it feels more like a living piece of artwork. I think the NFT space is perfect for this kind of moving, multi-media artwork. I have done some initial animations on some future NFT ideas and I am very excited about it!

2. What is the purpose of the token?


Our token has two main utilities:

1. Access to the NFTs, you can burn your tokens to get our playable NFTs from the Wolf of Crypto Collection.
2. Exposure to these NFTs. That means if you don’t want to get actual NFTs, but want to get an upside from the potential NFT’s value appreciation, then you can just buy the token and get an upside from the NFTs price growth.

3. What made you decide to join the crypto market? What do you think crypto can upgrade in the fashion business?


2 years ago a friend of mine owed me 20 euros for weed, he made me download an app and I received my first cryptocurrency.

When there was the Travis Scott concert on Fortnite, I proposed to my Prada manager to do the Prada looks for e- games … I was bounced.

Between various online and meta games, I think commercial and entertainment horizons are opening up in ways that we can’t imagine yet.


For me, the crypto market/NFTs is the most interesting and exciting thing for the art market right now. Digital artwork is becoming more legitimate as so many of us spend much of our lives in the digital world these days.

The NFT movement is very interesting for creators because it is a new medium to explore while also allowing us to connect with people all over the world. Perhaps it is the truly democratic way to bring art to everyone.

I’m very excited to get started with making NFTs and I think the fashion industry is already quite keen to see how they can get involved. I read a lot about what different brands have been experimenting with. For example, Burberry launched an NFT earlier this year, Sharky B, and it sold out almost immediately.

4. What are your ultimate goals and milestones?


I recently started studying: cinema scenography and special effects.

In general I like to stay updated on new trends.

I don’t have a milestone, but environments and topic…

I believe Fashion, 3D and video will be 3 words that will accompany me for a long time.


My goal is to continue to learn and explore new mediums of creative expression. As I mentioned earlier, I am very interested in animation so that means I need to properly learn how to use After Effects — and that’s been a big challenge for me!

I would love to see how far I could push my creativity to explore NTFS and what they could be. Anything is possible right now and that is very exciting!

As far as milestones, I feel very fortunate to have worked with so many luxury brands and be able to live in big cities like New York City and London. I make sure I don’t take it for granted, considering I grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh. It isn’t so easy for everyone to escape to a life in the big city, in another country and in fashion!

5a. What inspired you to get into NFTs?


I had been receiving unclear or not serious NFT project proposals for some time.

Then one day ProjectX and WhoKnocks contacted me.

They seemed to me the most reliable and with a valid project.


I was very curious about NFTs this past year but I wasn’t sure how to get started with that. Then, one day I got on a video call with a group of Italians (WhoKnocks) and our journey began!

I think our concept to have a group of fashion creatives dropping NFTS will be brilliant and I’m looking forward to what we will do next year.

5b. Do you think NFTs could be used for validating limited edition fashion pieces. Like suppose you have 1 of 500 minted, could you use NFTs to validate authenticity?

Technically absolutely yes.


I have friends and colleagues who are inserting complex and specific molecules into texture’s material to make them authenticate as unique pieces.

Fashion has always been attentive to counterfeiting problems, there is a lot of research and I think it can be a valid idea.

More generally I think that fashion’s maison in the next few years will move more towards creating content than products.


Absolutely. Limited edition pieces are ultimately about authenticity, quality and most importantly — rarity! We are speaking of value and ownership as well, so I think this is a natural next step for the future of NFTs.

6. Where do you see the partnership between yourselves and Project X heading in the next 12 months?


There are calls in the program, which I don’t think I can talk about, 3D themed.

In theory as soon as the situation calms down we will draft some ideas.


We have some exciting ideas in the pipeline, that’s for sure! We will have our Global Fashion Design pool to make drops there and several special collaborations as well.

7. Do you think NFTs are the future of art and collectibles, and why?


In my opinion NFTs are the present.


Yes, definitely! The art market is evolving and for it to move into the digital world only makes sense. I think about collectibles a lot lately and it seems like humans just really like to collect things, don’t they? Haha! People collect everything and anything — stamps, coffee cups, knick knacks, shoes, everything! It is in our nature to collect the things we like. Not everyone can afford to make a collection of historic, famous art. That is why I think people are so interested in collecting art NFTs. Everyone has access to it. NFTs will make art more democratic than ever.

8. The crypto space can be a daunting place for artists with little experience of NFTs, do you think ProjectX takes the stress away from artists like yourselves so you can just concentrate on your love of art and design?


I immediately said I did not have strong crypto skills and the tranquility with which ProjectX told me to worry only about the graphic processing was fundamental for the realization of these NFTs.

So absolutely yes, ProjectX takes all the responsibility for the tech and business aspects. So artists can focus only on creating NTFs which is what the vast majority of artists want.

For example in our case, the ProjectX team provided all the tech, made a partnership with the Legends of Crypto so our NFTs are playable now, sale also was organized / conducted by Xillion. So the experience was quite smooth.


The crypto space is definitely daunting for me! I have a lot to learn to fully understand it and I plan to get some lessons from my fellow experts here.

I greatly appreciate this partnership with ProjectX and WhoKnocks because they take away all the slightly terrifying technical crypto aspects. I think a lot of artists will have trouble figuring out how to navigate creating NFTS and I am so grateful to have help with that! I’m free to focus on the creative process 100%.

9. Is this a global project or a local project? Which market are you currently focusing on, or are you focusing on building and growing to get customers, users and partners?


The project is global. technology allows us to communicate in real time with the USA and Hong Kong, both for our organization and for the public.

In Italy for the moment, we are talking about NFTs, but there are still no large investors or structured projects.

In general my closest goal is to understand more about it.


I see this as a global project because anyone has the option to purchase NFTs no matter where they are. This is the main reason why I find the NFT space so interesting. Otherwise, if you wanted to purchase art in the traditional sense — you would have to live in a particular city with a particular art gallery to have the opportunity to buy a painting from a particular artist. NFTs open up a whole new world of art accessibility that at the same time exists in the digital space.

10. NFT is considered the current HOT trend of the cryptocurrency industry after DeFi. Can you share your opinion about NFT? Where do you see future growth of NFT features and capabilities over the next few years?


After years in which creatives have suffered from the right to authenticity, this can be the solution to many problems.

In the digital age, art reflects society.

It is important to get out of the classic hierarchical dynamics of art to move to a fresh market that is open to everyone.

About my works… I would like them to have functionality:

personalized clothing to play or cool environments that can add something more to the online experience.


NFTs are certainly a hot trend right now and I think that’s because it is a new concept with huge potential. It is especially thrilling that an NFT could be just about anything. I’m excited to see how they develop over time and to be a part of the process of exploring what they could be.

One thing I think would be interesting to see is how people would be able to take their NFT collections and show them off. Would there be a private, virtual art gallery that you could host video parties with your friends? Could there be a way to incorporate your NFTs exclusively in your social profiles, reels, etc? I predict that as NFTs become more popular there will increasingly be tools and functionalities that will allow people to customize their digital presence with their collections.

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Xillion.one - a fully-fledged ecosystem for DAOs. All of the essential tools for building a successful DAO included in one convenient and easy-to-use platform.

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