The Binance Investment Effect

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2 min readAug 19, 2023


What projects Binance Labs has invested in August?

As we all know, the VC market in general, and especially the crypto VC market is super dependent on large players' deals. Often if Tier-1 companies invest somewhere with a listing on a Tier-1 exchange, huge hype and therefore significant buy-side demand are almost guaranteed.

But, there’s a real gold hand among Tier-1 VCs - Binance Labs. Binance is quite undoubtedly the most dominant market player, and when they make any investment in any crypto startup, it creates a significant possibility that they will get them listed, and they will somehow let their audience know about those projects which will lead them to create a significant buy-side demand.

Does it mean that if you follow Binance Labs investments you will make a profit? Not really. Nothing is guaranteed and they also make mistakes as any VC in the industry. But in any case, if you want to follow their portfolio or at least know where they invest, then let’s review the projects they have funded for the first 20 days of August 2023.

  1. Helio - Strategic
    A Liquid staking platform, which was quite a popular narrative recently. Helio has raised $10MM during this round. They build on top of the BNB chain, so it seems like they are quite in the Binance ecosystem.
  2. AltLayer - Strategic
    An elastic and versatile scaling protocol for Web3.
  3. KiloEx - Strategic
    Decentralized perp exchange.
  4. ZkPass - Seed
    Privacy-preserving protocol for private data verification.
  5. Kinza - Strategic
    Lending protocol on BNB Chain with ve-Real-Yield tokenomics.
  6. Sleepless AI - Strategic
    An AI blockchain-based virtual companion game. It utilizes AIGC and LLMs to create story-based gameplay and evolving interactions with characters.

Binance hasn't missed the AI hype as well and has made a deal with an AI blockchain-based virtual companion game.

So, this is where the Crypto market’s top company invested in August 2023.

Disclaimer. Never invest in something because someone else does it. Do your own research before investing in any asset. Remember that VC investments are high-risk investments where the success rate is around 10%.

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