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5 min readJul 6, 2022

Hello Xillion.One community!

This part of our DAO coverage will be taking a dive into Service DAOs, which offer individuals and organizations with a provision of talent formations as well as supporting acquisition models.

While traditional companies look to consulting firms for advice - protocols and DAOs often have entirely different needs, operating mechanisms, and cultures that are best serviced by other crypto-native contributors. Service DAOs are quickly gaining attraction to help tackle the demand, and are positioned to service the $263+ Billion consulting market equivalent for crypto-protocols and DAOs.

Popular Service DAOs:

1. Raid Guild (Full Service Dev):

  • RaidGuild is the premier design and dev agency of the Web3 ecosystem. They are deeply entrenched in the bleeding edge of DAOs, DeFi, dApps and everything else in between. Hailing from the MetaCartel network, their team consists of a diverse group of talent with over 9000 years of combined experience.
    - Validate your ideas and get expert advice on how to build, ship and grow your product.
    - Fine tune your product market fit and nail your UX before writing a single line of code.
    - Make your dApp ideas a reality. From contracts to front ends, our Raiders are the best in the biz. (Full Stack Dev)
  • Member Positions:
    Design, Data Science/Analytics, Backend Dev, DevOps, UX/User Testing, Treasury, Marketing, Account Manager, Biz DEv, PM, Legal, Content Creator, Community, Internal Ops, Consultant.

2. Macro DAO (Audit):

  • Shipyard (now known as Macro) provides Web3 Engineering Fellowships, Macro Audits, Talent/Ventures (operated by MacroDAO and governed by $MACRO token holders).
  • Leverage their security team through your entire development process – from planning, architecture, auditing, to deploying your smart contracts to mainnet.
  • Engineering Fellowship allows you to learn directly from engineers who have worked on and audited crypto protocols with billions in TVL.
    - Get introduced to graduates of the Engineering Fellowship with 4-10+ years of programming experience.
    - Learn Solidity security and best practices from engineers who have worked on & audited crypto protocols with billions in total value locked.
  • Partnered with Xoogler Ventures (Google Alumni), Coinbase, Quatstamp, BitGo, Yearn, and OpenSea to name a few.

3. Global Coin Research (Research):

  • Global Coin Research is a community-first research and investment DAO founded in 2015. Collectively, members of GCR source, diligence and commit personal capital into opportunities ranging from seed to late-stage growth.
    - (incl. representatives from Messari, Coinbase, NYT and WSJ)
  • The main purpose of $GCR is to be used to govern our entire ecosystem including the publishing platform, treasury, and operations. GlobalCoinResearch will over time hand over all control and management to the community. There will be community assigned editors and administrators. In the meanwhile, the token will be used to subsidize and form community bounties for the writers.
  • Includes over a hundred pages of articles/research ranging back several years, which is the most valuable part of this DAO. With Tier-1 partners and research Alumni, membership gives participants access to information across all of Blockchain, with an opportunity to contribute for token share as well.

4. Third Academy (Recruiting):

  • Third Academy is a Web3 educational platform and career launchpad designed to onboard professionals in free, cohort-based learning available to everyone, regardless of location, gender, or background (serves as both a network and partnership manager).
    - Develops free, tailored courses for Web3 professions and business use cases. They work with industry experts to source hands-on content and provide the fundamentals you need to apply your existing skills to the existing landscape.
  • Whether you’re looking to launch your own career or want to build directly in Web3, Third Academy guides you through engaging, non-traditional learning.
  • Courses for Career Placement Include:
    - WEB3 Marketing 101: This course, produced in partnership with blockchain marketing agency, Hype, teaches eager Web2 marketers how to apply their skills to the fast-paced Web3 landscape over the course of 8 weeks, culminating in the creation of a full 3 month marketing strategy.
    - Metaverse Foundations: Explore how the development of virtual spaces could help creators and companies across various industries to develop a new generation of digital products and hybrid experiences. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Metaverse architecture, principles of community engagement, and how to apply your learnings.
    - DAO Community Building: This course will walk you through what it takes to build and activate a community ready to become a powerful DAO.

5. YAP DAO (Public Relations):

  • YAP DAO is a community that provides public relations and communications support to the DeFi world. It is a service marketplace for non-technical people to get work in a technical field.
  • YAP DAO’s mission is to bridge the communication gap between emerging technology and the mainstream world.
  • The DeFi industry is lacking communicators, marketers, content creators, social media managers, designers among other non-technical support. Without effective communicators who can provide guidance on how to shape discourse in an effective and productive way, the DeFi ecosystem risks becoming an echo chamber.
  • Services Include: Media Relations, Strategic Communications, Brand Positioning, Investor Relations, Crisis Communications, Media Training, and Event Management.
    - PR for announcements, launches, product developments, and more, for emerging and legacy projects in the DeFi space.
    - Can assist with booking and training media appearances such as podcasts, conferences, interviews, and any other virtual or in person appearances. They will teach you proper language to authentically communicate your message and story to crypto and mainstream publications.
    - They produce content such as Opinion Pieces and feature story ideas in order to tell your story on a global scale.
  • Crypto focused publications where they have placed their clients for news stories, features, OpEds, and podcast interviews:
    - Blockworks, Crypto Briefing, Decrypt, and The Defiant to name a few.

The largest clients of service DAOs are other DAOs and crypto-protocols. These clients face particular challenges in development, operations, management, compensation, PR, legal, etc. that are best solved by other DAOs. If you have the skillset and are valuable to a particular DAO, there is little stopping you from finding your niche in the service segment.

Operators of DAOs have been running into many difficulties with the standardizing processes and maintenance of documentation for their DAOs, which is where the great importance of specific service focused DAOs come in to best handle those weak points for clients and their respective user bases.

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