RedKite Ecosystem Overview

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Today we will share an overview of RedKite and PolkaFoundry Ecosystem.

RedKite is a cutting-edge launchpad and DeFi platform launched by the PolkaFoundry (now known as Firebird) team. Operating under the umbrella of PolkaFoundry, Redkite hand-picks projects from several crypto categories. Some of the most recent project IDO categories from the launchpad include NFT marketplaces, Move To Earn, Multi-Chain gaming infrastructure, Social-Fi, PlayToEarn, and Cross-platform integrated Metaverse games to name a few. Red Kite is supported by a network of tier-1 marketing partners, top influencers, and communities to help these many projects accelerate their growth.

Crypto projects trying to join the launchpad go through a robust vetting process, and are hand-picked to protect investors’ interests. Red Kite is part of the PolkaFoundry ecosystem, and uses the platform’s native PKF as a utility token. Investors can hold PKF tokens to join the Red Kite platform, as well as participate in the token sale rounds for hand-picked and vetted crypto projects.

With Polkafoundry’s now being rebranded to Firebird, now its focus is to develop a stand-alone chain built with the Cosmos SDK designed specifically for blockchain games and metaverses. Firebird is a public chain for GameFi, and intends to provide a platform where developers can build gaming Dapps that are simple to understand and use, even for non-tech people. Acknowledging the potential of the future gaming and metaverse market, the project has now come to a key decision of rebranding into an optimized chain that allows GameFi and Metaverse developers to build scalable dApps cost-effectively, while never compromising security.

In the long run, it aims to be a viable decentralized alternative to cloud computing platforms. Key points provided in the ecosystem are the leveraging of the interoperability and scalability of Polkadot and Substrate. Additionally - it provides unique UX-enabling features, and is EVM-compatible (straightforward to migrate from Ethereum). Built-in Made-for-DeFi services make it easy for DeFi apps to manage identities, store files, and access Oracle data.

Key Features & Figures:

1. Multi-chain support

Supports Ethereum and BSC pools and will soon support Polkadot pools after rigorous testing on the PolkaFoundry testnet, becoming the first-ever launchpad on Polkadot.

2. Parachain Crowdloan

Crowdloan allows a team to crowdsource KSM (for Kusama slots) or DOT (for Polkadot slots) to use to bootstrap its parachain auction. Crowdloan allows people to contribute by agreeing to lock up their own KSM (DOT) until the end of the lease. Teams can reward their contributors however they see fit, and can structure their crowdloan in various ways, hosting it either natively on Kusama (Polkadot) or on a 3rd-party platform.

3. Handpicked & Vetted Projects

To protect investors’ interest, Red Kite carefully hand-picks the projects that go through a vetting process. The process considers everything from the project teams’ origin to legitimacy and execution capability. This vetting process helps build investor’s confidence, so they can know their money is secure.

4. Tier & Reputation

To further strengthen the platform, the RedKite launchpad utilizes a bot system which monitors every participant’s behavior (sets reputation points). This mechanism punishes behaviors that are considered negative to the token’s healthy pricing, where the score will affect the participant’s tier and ability to participate in future launches.

5. Fairness (lane-based swap system)

With Red Kite’s lane-based swap system, every participant will get an opportunity to join based on their tier without indulging in a ‘gas war’ to ensure fair and efficient participation.

6. Integrated vesting schedule

There will be a distribution portal for projects that will allow them to vest their sold tokens in pre-sale or post-sale secondary offerings. It is similar to the portal in use for $PKF token claiming.

*After analyzing all of the launches RedKite did in 2022, in total according to the RedKite website there were 18 launches with $2,888,899.96 raised from several dozens of thousands of investors.

Average All Time High ROI was 4.8X, the highest all time high (ATH) ROI was 27.3x. The trend for categories is also quite evenly distributed, with RedKite following a broad category strategy across launches, giving their investor community a balanced portfolio of quality and interoperable crypto projects.


RedKite is one of the leading players in the launchpad market with an excellent track record and team of experts. With 20+ core team members under the roof, the diverse and highly experienced team brings with it individuals ranging from R&D, Product Engineering, Ex-CEO’s/Founders, and Marketing/Strategy advisors with long track records of success in the Crypto field (to name a few).


The main question for you is: should you be using a launchpad to get access to hot projects or not? The benefits of using reputable launchpads such as RedKite are quite obvious, and the main one is that you get access to best projects which are hand-selected by experts and supported by top tier VCs/influencers. With this comes a relatively user-friendly vesting schedule (usually around 3 months). At the same time, you can get a small allocation due to the business model of this kind of platform.

A launchpad is a perfect tool for a bullish market, where you can get several times return on your investment almost instantly. But during a bearish cycle, there’s a significant chance that even the best projects will go down in price significantly, and your ROI might not be as good as you planned. However, a launchpad is fairly the only one way for an average investor to get access to hot projects at a lower price. Unfortunately if you’re not directly a VC or KOL, it’s almost impossible to get access to projects like this. This brings with it the importance of launchpads such as RedKite and the Firebird Chain, helping to bridge the information and resource gap within the Crypto community.

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