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5 min readMay 26, 2022

Hello Xillion.One community. Today, we will be diving more into Real Estate DAOs. Although blockchain/crypto utilization is still in its infancy within this sector of the economy, it is known that the technology is capable of revolutionizing the global real estate market for decades to come. Below, we will outline a few notable DAOs which are taking advantage of their structure and applying blockchain technology to the world of real estate.

Benefits include instant land transfers, reduced legal complexity, and democratization of ownership through crowdfunding. Currently, land is mainly available only to investors of high networth. Real Estate DAOs help to create an open, transparent, and programmable ecosystem of digital records.

Real Estate DAOs:

1. City DAO

  • The DAO for decentralized asset ownership.
  • CityDAO is exploring making assets and governance digitally legible to unleash accessibility, interoperability, and opportunity. What Nakamoto and Buterin did for value and computation, they propose to do for the physical world.
  • It aims to build a network of assets on-chain, starting with a single parcel of land in Wyoming. Each parcel of land is an NFT that can be owned collectively by the DAO collectively or by individuals. It is a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, meaning it is managed by the community.
  • As part of the DAO, you can help vote and execute on what happens with the land.
  • In terms of participation, members may help with legal, development, marketing, and land use initiatives.

2. Creator Cabins

  • “A decentralized city built by creators, for creators”.
  • Believes in the power of bringing people together (In real life), especially for decentralized and distributed teams. While the vast majority of a DAO's work should be accomplished via remote, distributed work, this DAO leverages face-to-face meetings for strategic thinking, team bonding, and deep collaboration. Cabin is the DAO to help other DAOs accelerate their work by getting together in real life.
  • Includes 28-acres of private land in the Texas Hill Country about 45 minutes outside of Austin. They are located minutes away from Pedernales Falls State Park and have a seasonal creek, wildlife, and amazing stargazing on site.
  • Made up of four “guilds'' and one “meta guild” that together self-organize to help us accomplish our long-term goals.
  • This includes a “Product Guild” which builds software for the DAO and other DAOs as well as a “Media Guild” which produces written materials, podcasts, and other content.

3. Indaod

  • Creating a collection of vacation properties in locations that rank in the 80th percentile in terms of pricing, occupancy, and amenities. From the beach to the mountains, to the links, and beyond, they're tokenizing vacation rental properties and maximizing profit potential.
  • The members plan to establish a legally viable organization, a DAO, to "tokenize" the fractional ownership of real estate and real assets in the Vacation and Leisure rental market.
  • Membership in is offered through an NFT purchase which grants the owner "Founder Membership" in and contains the right to contribute to key decisions to be hardcoded via smart contracts throughout the DAO lifecycle including Property Selection, Buy / No-Buy Criteria, and Sale Criteria.
  • Features: Real Estate assets, predictable income, secondary market liquidity, blockchain governance, automated efficiency, and bragging rights.
  • Use of Funds: Scouting/due diligence, operations management, DAO formation, special purpose entity formation, legal/accounting/engineering, and community building/marketing.
  • Locations: Beachfront/waterfront, golf course/resort, hiking/fishing, and unique landmarks.

4. Enter DAO

  • EnterDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) building products to enable new markets within the Web3 metaverse economy.
  • Through a lineup of core products EnterDAO aims to empower users, metaverse land owners, investors, brands and degens of all kinds by tackling pain points like access to metaverse land, its capital efficiency, as well as UX and onboarding of metaverse games.
  • EnterDAO is set to build 2 core products — LandWorks and MetaPortal.
  • LandWorks is a metaverse land renting marketplace based on Ethereum. The protocol enables period-based renting of land in Web3 metaverse games.
  • MetaPortal is a cross-platform Web3-enabled desktop app serving as a single point of entry/access to different Web3 metaverse games. Essentially serving as a portal to Web3 Metaverse games.
  • Governance operations such as changing the rent marketplace fee, upgrading the smart contracts, adding support for new metaverse games, etc. will all be executed and applied by the EnterDAO after a governance poll passes.

5. Sigillum

  • SIGI aims to build a residential and commercial real estate portfolio in strategic markets around the United States. By leveraging the latest Proptech 2.0 and blockchain technologies, SIGI can assist token purchasers with maximizing their crypto portfolio by way of real property ownership.
  • Crypto tokens issued by Sigillum DAO LLC (SIGI) represent a physical component of a real estate project. The portfolio currently consists of approximately $6M dollars worth of revenue generating residential and commercial real estate, and the token issuance program allows them to raise money to expand their portfolio without the use of traditional lending institutions.
  • You can trade or sell your digital tokens at any time on several popular marketplaces. You will also be able to generate income through annual yields available via their staking programs.

Real Estate DAOs are quite promising, and although much of the activity is around digital real estate, there are many quality DAO projects focusing on physical applications. It will be quite interesting to see where the virtual and physical worlds collide in the real estate market in the coming years, and the Xillion.One team is excited to participate in its growth!

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