ProjectX Telegram AMA Recap

Just because we have gotten busier and busier, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate your constant support and trust. Quite the contrary. Because of this, we keep working 24/7 to further develop and fine-tune our platform, sign new celebrity endorsements, and establish meaningful partnerships with key blockchain market players to achieve our long-term goals and empower our community by becoming the most influential NFT ETF platform on the market.

Here are our most recent development updates:

Project development:

  • Finalized the development of our NFT pools.
  • Finalized the development of the NFT issuance platform.
  • Updating our charity mechanism and adding even more charities.
  • Conducted an AMA for RedKite IDO on PolkaFoundry.
  • Successful $XIL IDO on RedKite Launchpad.
  • $XIL Listings: Pancake Swap,
  • Locked 100% of our Pancake Liquidity.
  • $XIL Staking now LIVE on Ferrum.
  • New Strategic Partnerships with: Kyros Ventures, Glimpse, Everse Capital, Foundation Delpha, HanGang Ventures, Legends of Crypto and Polygon.
  • Substantial Strategic Investment by SL2 Capital.
  • Launched an exclusive NFT Pool with designers from Prada, Moschino, DSQUARED2, ETRO, etc.
  • Continuing to onboard more celebrities and KOLs.

Wanna know all the nitty-gritty details of everything that’s been going on?

Check out the FULL Telegram transcript below:

AMA Transcript September 8th, 2021 @ PROJECT X Telegram Channel

Facilitator: Jezza
Channel: Project X Telegram
Time: 10:30 am UTC, Wednesday (Sep. 8. 2021.)

Project X: John Slyusarev
Josh Murchie


Jezza Jezza :

Hello. Everyone great to have you all here!

Welcome to ProjectX. So Glad to have everyone join us here at the AMA!


Thank you for joining everyone!

John Slyusarev:

Hey everybody!

Jezza Jezza :

Today I have the absolute pleasure of introducing or CEO John Slyusarev!

Please let me say before John begins…..

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to John over the last few months and I’m so impressed with his business mind and professionalism. He is truly a top guy. Getting to know more about John and his vision for this project makes me even more excited for this project and its future! I’m sure you all will feel the same by the time this is over.

Jezza Jezza:

So without any more from here is who we all came here to hear.

Welcome JOHN!!!!!!!

For those that are new here, would you mind giving everyone a brief introduction …. tell us a little about yourself and the project.

John Slyusarev:

I’m really flattered, thank you!

ProjectX solves the problems associated with the lack of transparency and complications in the NFT market by making NFT investments liquid, accessible, and secure through its unique and dynamic NFT-pegged pools. It is a launchpad for NFT issuers. Celebrities, KOLs, or other recognizable people can set up pools of NFTs and raise funds for it by doing a public sale (IDO style).

Additionally, it makes NFT collecting more lucrative and beneficial for all by offering an array of liquidity mining & rewards farming programs. Due to the NFT/ DeFi nature of the project, ProjectX in particular addresses the market of cryptocurrency trading and yield-based investments (specifically to the DeFi and NFT market). It provides instant liquidity to NFT owners (they put NFTs in the pool and get ERC-20 tradable tokens that are pegged to this pool).

By further developing the use of pools and indexes, it aims to create different themed pools of NFTs — which include Music, Digital Art, Sports Cards, and KOL-issued NFTs within its unique platform. This development will assist both Institutional and Public adoption — driven by hundreds of large-scale and Tier-1 entertainment corporations.

Jezza Jezza:

Okay, so today’s structure.

First, we will be doing 5 questions that have been gathered from community members on both our Telegram and Discord.

Next, we will unmute the channel and let community members ask whatever questions they like and then we will let John choose 5 questions.

If your question is chosen you will win $20 USDT!!!

Okay, let's get this party starteddddddd!

II. Community Questions

Jezza Jezza:

  • First question.
  • How many people are on the team, who are some of them, and what have they worked on before?

John Slyusarev:

Thanks for asking, I personally believe that we have the best team in the market with well-diversified skill sets. And all the achievements we have made so far were possible only because of the team and each team member such as our tech guys, our Community lead and managers, and our BD managers, designers, product managers, and administrators.

So answering the question, there are ten core members of the team. I the CEO (John Slyusarev) have been around the Blockchain market since 2016. Like most people active at that time, I was investing in things such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Also in 2016, I became the CMO/CBDO at ICO rating when it was a small firm (one office in one country) which I helped build up to 100 employees all across the world. Before, I also managed to get 60% market share and become a leading rating agency during the ICO boom. In 2018, I left the firm at its peak and launched my own VC firm [SMC Capital]. For the last 3 years, we have delivered 55X ROI to their LPs and have made 100+ deals.

The second Co-Founder of the project (Josh Murchie) has also been around the Blockchain industry for a while. Prior to ProjectX, he founded one of the most recognizable and renowned Blockchain Charity platforms [Little Phil], which is an Australian-based platform that allows 58,000 charities to effectively receive and manage donations globally.

ProjectX also has a collection of highly experienced software engineers, business development professionals, and marketers from across the world. Community is the biggest differentiator between a successful and unsuccessful project, and our global network of investors and KOL’s help to ensure that the needs of the user base are met in all untapped categories.

Jezza Jezza:

Amazing… really well-established team…. !!

  • Second question.
  • Can community mint NFTs on ProjectX?

John Slyusarev:

The fundamental aspect of our platform’s functionality is that we do not allow everyone to make drops whenever they want. We do a limited amount of drops for highly demanded NFTs from super famous people, but at the same time, we let all creators and/or collectors who already have NFTs to monetize with our ETFs. So-called Trading pools of NFTs are the major aspect of ProjectX, which means that if you are an NFT artist, collector, or investor — you may create or find existing pools. Users will then be able to trade fungible tokens packed to these NFT’s.

But, if you are confident that you can build up a community around your pool, we can consider this and let you do a pool and become a curator on the platform alongside the A-level celebs. So pretty much everybody can become a curator, but it will increase your chances if you already have a community around you.

Jezza Jezza: Wow…. this is such a great opportunity for Community members. Love this!

  • Third question
  • How will ETFs help in the progress of ProjectX as an NFT marketplace?

John Slyusarev:

So basically that’s easy, imagine that you are a crypto investor and you want to get exposure to the NFT market or to some market’s sectors such as Music NFTs or Sports NFTs etc. But you don’t know what NFTs to buy, how to store them, how to make sure the price is fair, how to get liquidity for your NFTs after you bought them, how to monetize them etc. So that’s super complicated and that holds back the vast majority of investors from participating in the NFT market. But, what we do, we just basically say, do you wanna invest in the NFT market? So just buy a 1 ERC-20, liquid, tradable token and get exposure to hundreds of rigorously selected NFTs from the curated pools. So, instead of spending weeks on figuring this out, you can get exposure to let’s say 100 well-diversified, rare, rigorously select Music NFTs in 2 clicks. And your investment would be absolutely liquid so you can sell it anytime, or you can provide liquidity to the pool and farm rewards by using those tokens etc.

We democratize and simplify the NFT investments, so everybody can enjoy that.


That sounds so much easier to understand than most of what I have seen out there lately

A lot of people really are not sure where to start, which NFT to buy, and why. It can be dangerous out there

John Slyusarev:

We are trying to simplify that and open the door to the NFT space for millions of new investors

Jezza Jezza:

This is definitely something that attracted me also to this project…

John Slyusarev:

That’s a great industry but there are so many things we can improve, so I personally love the fact that we have this opportunity to democratize and make the market more accessible for everybody, not only for super-wealthy people.

Like you want to buy a super rare Punk? If you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars you won't be able to do it. But on our platform, you can get exposure to the same Punk for $1. Same for super Rare NFTs we are gonna issue with large celebs and brands like Prada

Jezza Jezza:

  • Fourth Question
  • How is ProjectX better than its competition?

John Slyusarev:

Yep, so first of all we are solving those 3 fundamental problems ( liquidity for NFT owners, transparency of price discovery process, and the way how to easily get exposure to the NFTs) that all the problems the NFT market participants suffer from, but nobody is solving them now.

Our 3 main advantages are :

1. We have liquidity pools of NFTs, where everyone who has an NFT can add them to these pools and we will issue the ETF. This brings users instant liquidity, and a simplified and fair price discovery process for their NFTS — done with the pooled nature of liquidity aggregation.

2. One of the most important parts of our platform is the closed-door NFT-issuance platform for A-level celebrities and influential people. We believe that the NFT issuance platform is not just complementary, but a highly synergetic part of our product. This is due to the high percentage of NFTs being issued on this platform, which can be added directly to the pools, and eventually issued alongside NFTs pegged to those pools. We are gonna do those drops IDO-style, which will allow all the NFT issuers to triple their revenue from the drops, and will make their super rare NFTs accessible for everybody with even a $1 budget. (Fractionalization)

3. The unique charity aspect of our platform helps to give users the option to donate to any cause of their choosing, by simply directing portions of their perpetual royalties to our vast network of 58,000 causes and more. Users can now truly track the impact and location of each of their donations, which now takes the mystery out of the process.

Jezza Jezza:

Oh yea! This is getting more and more exciting….. solving so many problems in the space!

So moving on to our last question for this segment. Before we open it up…

  • Question 5.
  • How much $XIL is needed to start staking?

John Slyusarev:

That varies, because we are gonna have 2 different staking programs

For example, the first one which is for liquidity providers will have a minimum ticket size of 1 BNB

But another one where you just stake tokens for the rewards won’t have any minimum ticket size, so you can stake any amount you want.

Jezza Jezza:

This is great gives an opportunity for everyone to stake…. Fantastic!

John Slyusarev:

So all the pools will be launched tomorrow and all the pools will be limited in terms of capacity, as I know some private investors are already asking to stake tokens there. So I would recommend hurrying up, buy XIL and stake it asap to be able to stake enough tokens for everybody who wants to get up to 150% APY.

Jezza Jezza:

Can’t wait!!!

III. Open Forum

Jezza Jezza:

Okay now for the community questions!!

Alrighty… … so we will unmute the channel briefly. You can ask your questions, then we will mute the channel again while John looks through and responds! The first five chosen will receive $20 USDT!!!

Lettttsssss Goooooooo !

Question #1


  • On which exchanges can we find your token? Would it be on a centralized or decentralized exchange?

John Slyusare:

It would be Pancake Swap and Gate io, so DEX and CEX. Trading will start tomorrow right after the IDO ends ( 30 mins - 1hr or so) around 2 pm UTC.

Question #2

Dean Nit:

  • Hello John

Are there any form of ambassadorial roles that we can apply for on Project X?

John Slyusarev:

Absolutely, so if you have a community behind you or you are an influential person, we’d be happy to have you as an ambassador. We will announce an official ambassadors program soon so stay tuned. Currently, those large celebrities we signed are our ambassadors.

Question #3

Lucile Mosley:

  • Are you planning to promote your project in countries/regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project??

Josh Murchie:

100% in fact we already have regional TG and Discord groups and channels. Ask one of the amazing Mods and they can point you in the right direction. You might even be able to be an ambassador for your region

Question #4


  • What is your aim behind the collaboration of ProjectX with Delpha Foundation

John Slyusarev:

The biggest aim is to expand into Chinese and SE markets by having an influential, knowledgeable, and super-connected local partner. That is our approach tbh, to we usually expand into foreign markets only with local partners. We have them in Korea, Japan, Vietnam, EU, UK, Latin America, China

Question #5

Fumiko Tanaka:

  • Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I'd like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

John Slyusarev:

We are a community-driven product, so we listen carefully to every piece of feedback from the users because we build products for our users, so we believe our users should be able to make an impact on the product functionality.

Question #6

Sophie Williams:

  • STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them and long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have a plan for Staking?

Josh Murchie:

We don’t only have 1 staking program. We have multiple! ⭐️

1. Stake to earn an amazing AYP

2. VIP staking with Bonus AYP (limited space)

3. Stake to get access to super rare NFT pool launches

And more to be announced soon

Question #7


  • Hello, What would you say are the benefits the average investor stands to gain if he chooses to invest in Project X?

John Slyusarev:

We have an amazing combination of completely unique tech, a lot of big names (VCs) who support us, Large Super Stars who will be using the platform, a vibrant and huge global community, and super lucrative rewards for early investors.

So for me that sounds like a great reason why to invest.

Question #8

Kawu Buhari:

  • How long will it take ProjectX to create different themed pools of NFTs?

Josh Murchie:

We are already in user testing, have some amazing celebrity curators for a heap of different themed pools, and will be launching to the public in weeks, not months

Question #9

Steve Miller:

  • How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share tokens for the development of the project?

John Slyusarev:

I would say our community is in the top-3 most important things we have. Tech, Community, Token performance.

IV. Closing

John Slyusarev:

Ok, that was the last one :) Thank you for all the amazing questions guys, i really appreciate your activity please stay tuned and we will show you how we change this market and build up a new Unicorn.

Jezza Jezza:

Wow, so many great questions.... thank you for taking the time to answer so many ...

Okay, so I think it’s time to wrap things up.

Thank you so much for spending some time with us today John. We really appreciate it.


Thank you so much for taking the time John! We know you are super busy with everything going on right now

John Slyusarev:

Thank you for organizing this amazing event!

Jezza Jezza:

Also...... Thank you everyone for being here with us today also we really value the community here at ProjectX. So please hang around and chat with us here or over at our Discord Server !!!


You can join here -

Thank you, everyone! See you next time!

Jezza Jezza:

Thanks again everyone for being here. Thank you, John and Josh!

About ProjectX
ProjectX works to provide the most secure and simplified way to gain exposure to the NFT market by further developing current investment vehicles with the use of indexes and ETFs. The aim is to create different themed pools of NFTs which include Music, Digital Art, Sports Cards, and KOL issued NFTs to name a few. At the same time projectX is solving the liquidity problem for NFT owners.

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