ProjectX Announces Partnership with LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame)

ProjectX x LegendsOfCrypto

ProjectX x LegendsOfCrypto


LOCGame has formed partnership with ProjectX

New York, NY: ProjectX and LegendsOfCrypto announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership, combining the NFT ETF utility of ProjectX with the successful track record of the LOC NFT game. Super rare in game NFTs which will be created on the LOC platform will be automatically added to ProjectX’s pools, including all Celebrities and Athletes such as NBA player Michael Carter-Williams, who are collaborating with LOCGame.

ProjectX CEO John Slyusarev said, “We are really proud to be making a partnership with a successful NFT gaming project, and we aim to integrate deeply into the NFT gaming sector.”

LegendsOfCrypto (LOC) is a new and unique NFT game and collectibles platform. The platform is designed to provide players with a fun and community-oriented NFT card game experience while also giving them opportunities to earn rewards at the same time. LOC Game has successfully taken the opportunity to leverage the concept of DeFi and non-fungible assets to create the very first NFT card game based on well-known crypto influencer and meme characters, all on the blockchain. Users are able to build their own deck from a variety of unique characters, and use their own unique strategy to challenge their opponents.

ProjectX solves the problems associated with the lack of transparency and complications in the NFT market by making NFT investments liquid, accessible, and secure through its unique and dynamic NFT-pegged pools and indexes. Additionally, it makes NFT collecting more lucrative and beneficial for all by offering an array of liquidity mining & rewards farming programs. Due to the NFT/ DeFi nature of the project, ProjectX in particular addresses the market of NFTs, cryptocurrency trading and yield-based investments (specifically to the DeFi and NFT market).

ProjectX and LOC Game look forward to a long term relationship, where they will be working together in all respects including technical, marketing, strategic operations, and the further onboarding of key celebrities and athletes to their platforms.

Mik Mironov is quoted “We are thrilled and delighted about this partnership. What it essentially means is that we have doubled down on our potential IP and celebrity network. This partnership exemplifies the wonderful potential of a mutually synergistic approach to the market.”

About LegendsofCrypto
LegendsOfCrypto is a brand new NFT collectible and trading card game that runs on top of decentralized blockchain, supported by Ethereum and Matic Networks.

The game is dedicated to the famous crypto industry and crypto-savvy characters, and its players who are allowed to win valuable tokens and NFT items, while card owners can earn rewards from prize pools.

LegendsofCrypto also hosts LOCPOD. It’s own media powerhouse dedicated to all topics Blockchain, NFT, and gaming with the very best guests in the industry.

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