NFT market updates from 7/8/22

Top 5 NFTs ($ Sales Rev):

1.Bored Ape Yacht Club #1246: 172.21K
3.Bored Ape Yacht Club #9175: 144.44K
3.Noun 115: 129.35K
4.Noun 310: 126.22K
5.Bored Ape Yacht Club #5588: 123.83K

Top 5 Marketplaces ($ Sales Volume):

1.OpenSea: 19.8M
2.Magic Eden: 2.31M
3.X2Y2: 2.17M
4.LooksRare: 1.46M
5.CryptoPunks: 491.36K

Aave Wants to Launch a Rival to MakerDAO’s DAI Stablecoin

Aave has put forward a proposal to launch a decentralized, collateral-backed stablecoin called GHO.

If accepted by the community, GHO would be available to borrowers who provide collateral and earn interest for the Aave DAO.

In Aave’s plan, GHO would be backed by a range of crypto assets chosen by the user. The amount the user could mint would depend on the amount of collateral deposited. The proposal also suggests that GHO would get burned when users pay back a loan or suffer a liquidation.

MakerDAO Votes to Allow $100M DAI Loans to U.S. Bank

The Huntingdon Valley Bank will now be able to borrow up to $100 million in DAI from MakerDAO. It will be able to borrow the sum in DAI by depositing collateral into an off-chain account.

Five other real-world assets have been integrated to MakerDAO, with more suggestions in discussion on the governance board. The protocol recently voted to allocate $500 million in DAI into bonds.

MakerDAO is an Ethereum-based DeFi protocol that allows users to mint the DAI stablecoin when they deposit collateral. To date, the collateral users can deposit has mostly come in the form of major digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The accepted proposal brings a regulated U.S. bank into the DeFi ecosystem for the first time.

Crypto owners banned from working on US Government crypto policies

A new legal advisory notice from the US Office of Government Ethics prohibits any employee who owns cryptocurrency from working on Federal crypto regulation.

The notice provided an example scenario whereby an employee who owns a mere $100 of a certain stablecoin, is asked to work on stablecoin regulation — the employee in question cannot participate in work concerning regulation “until and unless they divest their interests in [that] stablecoin.”

Despite the seemingly harsh rules concerning employee investment in the crypto sector, the United States continues to move forward in integrating the cryptocurrency industry.

NFT platform wars could be ahead, says new DappRadar report

OpenSea, UniSwap, MagicEden, eBay and others are acquiring NFT aggregation tools and taking a stand to gain market share of the evolving NFT ecosystem.

Although OpenSea and UniSwap are well-established entities within the crypto space, they both face competition from outside the crypto industry as well.

UniSwap had recently acquired Genie and OpenSea purchased Gem in an effort to expand their respective services to include NFT aggregation tools, which “accumulate NFT offers from various trading platforms.”

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Xillion by ProjectX - a fully-fledged ecosystem for DAOs. All of the essential tools for building a successful DAO included in one convenient and easy-to-use platform.