NFT market updates from 4/22/22

Top 5 NFTs ($ Sales Rev):

1.Moonbirds #7789: 384.78K
2.Moonbirds #5079: 519.59K
3.Proof Collective: 417.05K
4.Bored Ape Yacht Club #5701: 414.34K
5.Proof Collective: 410.93K

Top 5 Marketplaces ($ Sales Volume):

1.OpenSea: 122.68MM
3.LooksRare: 86.81MM
3.CryptoPunks: 3.84MM
4.BloctoBay: 1.1MM
5.Mobox: 965.47M

Investment in NFT Startups up 49x to Stand at $2.2bn

2021 was by far the best year for fintech and NFT startups seem to have bagged it all. Data compiled by BanklessTimes shows that investment into NFT startups increased from $44 million in 2020 to $2.2 billion in 2021. The increase was by more than 49x.

Other fintech trends that saw an increase in funding include crypto custody, and revenue-based financing, whose funding increased by 6.2x each. Alternative investments had a 4.9x increase in funding, while open banking increased by 4.6x.

The interest in the NFT markets shot up following the March 2021 Christie’s auction. American digital artist, Beeple, sold an NFT collection for almost $70 million, making history as the third most expensive artwork to be sold by a living artist.

Golden State Warriors NFT Mint Open

Minting of the second collection of Golden State Warriors NFTs opened in April 2022, in collaboration with FTX US exchange.

The first Warriors NFT drop took place shortly after the team partnered with in December 2021, and this is a follow up.

The Golden State Warriors became the first sports team to release an NFT drop, and hold the record for the most expensive sports NFT, which was a World Championship Ring NFT sold for 285 ETH (over $870,000 in USD).

NFT Platform Rario Raises $120 Million

Non-fungible token (NFTs) sports marketplace Rario has just completed a Series A funding round in which it has raised $120 million.

The investment round has reportedly been led by Dream Capital. In addition, Corporate Venture Capital, M&A Dream Sports and Alpha Wave Global have also taken part.

Rario, which was founded last year, is a cricket-dedicated NFT platform. The project team has signed an exclusive multi-year agreement with Cricket Australia to create a themed metaverse.

About us by ProjectX is a launchpad for NFT issuers, Celebrities, KOLs, and other key figures who would like to set up pools of NFTs and raise funds for it via a public sale (IDO style). ProjectX works to provide the most secure and simplified way to gain exposure to the NFT market with the use of pools and Indexes. The aim is to create different themed pools of NFTs which include Music, Digital Art, Sports Cards, and KOL issued NFTs to name a few. They have also signed partnerships with Polygon, Terra Virtua, LOCG, Glimpse and more than 10 other blockchain companies.

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Xillion by ProjectX - a fully-fledged ecosystem for DAOs. All of the essential tools for building a successful DAO included in one convenient and easy-to-use platform.

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