NFT market updates from 1/31/22

Top 5 NFTs ($ Sales Rev):

1.Meebit #2526: 16.95M
2.Meebit #2526: 16.63M
3.Meebit #2526: 16.3M
4.Meebit #2526: 15.32M
5.Meebit #2526: 15.01M

Top 5 Marketplaces ($ Sales Volume):

1.LooksRare: 582.2M
2.Opensea: 193.51M
3.Magic Eden: 6.27M
4.Crypto Punks: 5.54M
5.Axie Infinity: 2.18M

Coinfield Selects Datavault's Patented NFT Minting, Management, and Monetization Platform For Purchases In Over 187 Countries Worldwide

First-of-its-kind secure NFT exchange to provide global marketplace for buyers and sellers.

Coinfield currently serves 240,000+ users and anticipates a substantial increase in trading volume with the onboarding of 9 to 10 million mobile and trading platform users from Tingo Mobile, a leading agri-fintech business based in Africa.

The introduction of an NFT exchange powered by Datavault® will allow Coinfield users to monetize individual data assets. These assets–which may include but are not limited to art, GIFs, video highlights, collectibles, avatars, music, or tweets–will be transformed into one-of-a-kind digital items to buy, sell or trade through the Coinfield NFT Exchange, powered by DatavaultⓇ.

NFT Charity Auction Launched to Help Vulnerable Displaced Afghans

World renowned authors, digital and fine arts artists, NFT influencers, and professional footballers participate in Mars Panda NFT Charity Auction in support of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

Mars Panda is a unique platform that has a know-your-customer (KYC) process to identify and verify each client when they open an account.

NewX Energy Poised to be World’s First Energy Company to Launch an NFT series

As a renowned Energy Generator Group in Southeast Asia, NewX makes a bold move to supply cost-efficient electricity to Metaverse operators.

In the process of redefining the energy sector, NewX Energy's NFT collection allows consumers to invest in the energy concession through meticulous allocations for the everyday man.

The NFTs will be introduced as NewX NFT, offering unique digital segments that are purchasable through the world's largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Purchasing NewX NFT will allow owners to be involved in NewX Energy's metaverse – a world where the provision of energy is efficient, affordable, and revolutionary. Holding a NewX NFT will also reward owners in the accumulation of NewX 'NewNits, which, similar to dividends, have several benefits. One of the major benefits of these tokens is the ability to pay or offset all electricity bills supplied by NewX Energy amongst other benefits yet to be revealed.

About us by ProjectX is a launchpad for NFT issuers, Celebrities, KOLs, and other key figures who would like to set up pools of NFTs and raise funds for it via a public sale (IDO style). Project X works to provide the most secure and simplified way to gain exposure to the NFT market with the use of pools and Indexes. The aim is to create different themed pools of NFTs which include Music, Digital Art, Sports Cards, and KOL issued NFTs to name a few. They have also signed partnerships with Polygon, Terra Virtua, LOCG, Glimpse and more than 10 other blockchain companies.

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Xillion by ProjectX - a fully-fledged ecosystem for DAOs. All of the essential tools for building a successful DAO included in one convenient and easy-to-use platform.

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