NFT market updates from 1/26/22

Top 5 NFTs ($ Sales Rev):

1.dotdot 4646: 9.82M
2.dotdot 4646: 9.63M
3.dotdot 4646: 9.43M
4.dotdot 4646: 9.34M
5.dotdot 4646: 9.16M

Top 5 Marketplaces ($ Sales Volume):

1.LooksRare : 512.13M
2.Opensea: 205.96M
3.Crypto Punks: 19.05M
4.Magic Eden: 6.44M
5.NBA Top Shot: 3.09M

YouTube CEO hints at potential NFT features

YouTube NFTs may be in the works. In a letter published today, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki suggested the company is looking to branch into NFTs in the future as another source of revenue for creators.

”We’re always focused on expanding the YouTube ecosystem to help creators capitalize on emerging technologies, including things like NFTs, while continuing to strengthen and enhance the experiences creators and fans have on YouTube,” the letter reads.

Creators of a few viral YouTube videos have already made them into NFTs and sold them on their own.

Picasso heirs launch digital art piece to ride 'crypto' wave

Heirs of Pablo Picasso, the famed 20th-century Spanish artist, are vaulting into 21st-century commerce by selling 1,010 digital art pieces of one of his ceramic works that has never before been seen publicly — riding a fad for “crypto” assets that have taken the art and financial worlds by storm.

Some of the proceeds will be donated — one portion to a charity that aims to help overcome a shortage of nurses, and another to a nongovernmental organization that wants to help reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

The Sandbox Collaborates with Ethernity, Opening an Official NFT Store in the Metaverse

As for the store itself, this is not the first time a company has integrated its services into the metaverse. For example, some games can be played through Decentraland, and OKEx crypto exchange branches feature across Town Star as in-game buildings. You can visit the Ethernity NFT store in The Sandbox to view the gallery and buy some digital art.

About us by ProjectX is a launchpad for NFT issuers, Celebrities, KOLs, and other key figures who would like to set up pools of NFTs and raise funds for it via a public sale (IDO style). Project X works to provide the most secure and simplified way to gain exposure to the NFT market with the use of pools and Indexes. The aim is to create different themed pools of NFTs which include Music, Digital Art, Sports Cards, and KOL issued NFTs to name a few. They have also signed partnerships with Polygon, Terra Virtua, LOCG, Glimpse and more than 10 other blockchain companies.

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