NFT market updates from 1/14/22

1. Meebit #3553: 6.53M

2. Meebit #3553: 6.41M

3. Meebit #3553: 6.28M

4. Meebit #3553: 6.16M

5. Not A Punk #1141: 5.29M

1.LooksRare : 288.9M

2.Opensea: 131.62M

3.Magic Eden: 9.43M

4.Axie Infinity: 4.65M

5.NBA Top Shot: 1.86M

For this release, Gap is collaborating with Brandon Sines, the artist behind Frank Ape, for a limited edition drop.

Additional drops are available over the next two weeks: Rare on January 15 for 6 tez, or roughly $24.90 USD each; Epic on January 19 for 100 tez or approximately $415.00 USD each; and the One of a Kind on Auction on January 24, all beginning at 9 a.m. PT respectively. The digital collectibles will be available on a first come, first served basis, with limited editions at the Rare and Epic levels.

Despite a bloody start to the year for bitcoin and ether, the volume of non-fungible tokens is reaching all-time highs.

For the first half of January, OpenSea has generated nearly $2.7 billion in volume, which is on track to surpass the $3.4 billion high it notched in August, according to data from Dune Analytics.

The resurgence in NFT volume appears to be driven by the price surge in NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and its sister collections, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC). The BAYC collections alone account for approximately 10% of the volume on OpenSea, according to calculations by CoinDesk.

RMDS Lab, a data and artificial intelligence (AI) platform based in California in the US plans to create the first non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for science and technology intellectual property before the end of March. RMDS was founded by IBM’s former chief data scientist Alex Liu in 2009 to create a global community of data scientists and researchers and to promote scientific innovation through data and AI.

RMDS says ‘an overwhelming demand for NFT minting and listing’ by its ‘thousands of members and associated experts’ led to its decision to create a bourse to sell NFTs for research and technology-associated IP.

RMDS’s goals in moving into NFT sales are to connect scientists with investors, as well as to link science and technology IP with related collectors, investors and science enthusiasts. The intent is to provide new fundraising channels for science and technology projects, as well as to accelerate technology transfer.

The restaurant, called Flyfish Club, comes from NFT evangelist and former Resy founder Gary Vaynerchuk. According to the company’s website, customers will need to purchase a membership using cryptocurrency to dine at the restaurant — the starting rate is 2.5 Ethereum, or around $8,500 at the time of publishing — while all of the food will be paid for in U.S. dollars.

The restaurant has been in the works since at least August, when Vaynerchuk announced the project on CNBC. Details still appear to be coming together, but as of now it will include a cocktail bar and a 150-seat “globally inspired seafood restaurant.” For customers who shell out for an upgraded omakase membership — 4.25 Ethereum, or roughly $14,500 — there will also be a 14-seat sushi counter, which claims to serve fish flown in daily from Japan.

About us by ProjectX is a launchpad for NFT issuers, Celebrities, KOLs, and other key figures who would like to set up pools of NFTs and raise funds for it via a public sale (IDO style). Project X works to provide the most secure and simplified way to gain exposure to the NFT market with the use of pools and Indexes. The aim is to create different themed pools of NFTs which include Music, Digital Art, Sports Cards, and KOL issued NFTs to name a few. They have also signed partnerships with Polygon, Terra Virtua, LOCG, Glimpse and more than 10 other blockchain companies.

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Xillion by ProjectX is a Web3 Tokenized Incubator that provides every XIL token holder with free tokens of every project it incubates.