Letter to Token Holders

Dear XIL token holders,

First of all, we would like to say thank you to all of those who are real long term investors. We know for sure that there are enough of these type of real venture capitalists who keep supporting us. Anyone who makes an investment into an early stage startup is a venture capitalist from my point of view, and it doesn’t matter what amount they invested. We can guarantee to all of you that you won’t be disappointed. We are here for the long term, and we are here to win. Even if we are experiencing short term price fluctuations at the moment, we all know that it is a normal part of all startup life cycles.

In this letter, we would like to give you some updates regarding our company's developments and achievements, as well as provide you with critical insights regarding our plans.

Key updates:

1. We have successfully launched the Xillion.one platform and conducted the very first IDO with Korean Music Star, DJ SODA. The IDO was sold out ($250,000) and heavily oversubscribed. Her NFTs are almost ready to get claimed (by burning DJSD tokens), and the claiming period will get started in approximately 14 days from now.

2. We have successfully integrated DJ SODA’s NFTs into the Gaming Metaverse - (Legends of Crypto) and made the first case in history where a music star has a playable NFT integrated into an NFT gaming Metaverse.

3. We have scheduled a new NFT pool launch for the 23rd of December. This will be a pool with Instagram bloggers with more than 50MM subscribers in total. This will be a DAO where token holders will get even more opportunities to govern the content , token distribution , and get some of their revenue.

4. We have also signed a deal for launching a new DAO with the top 3 tik tok houses in the world, they have 100MM+ followers in total. We will announce this deal to the public soon.

5. We have signed a deal with a gaming and Metaverse DAO which will be launched in several weeks. $1MM has already been raised, and it expects to raise $3-5MM in total. Some large VCs are actively approaching us at the moment.

6. Platform’s development is going well, and we are currently we are adding a lot of DAO management functionality to accommodate all the requests we have gotten from DAOs (which will be launched on our platform).

7. We launched our most successful (so far) staking program where all of the participants have the chance to win a Tesla. We have more than 20% of the circulating supply locked already, and this number is growing (8,511,028.4903 XIL tokens locked already).

8. And as you all know, we have launched and successfully raised 120 BNB for our second pool with famous fashion brands Prada, Burberry and others. The collection is called “Wolves of Crypto”, which is also playable in gaming Metaverse legends of crypto. The token is tradable in a WOLFC/XIL pair on Pancakeswap.

9. Lock ups:

As you all know, our main priority is to build up a large market player, conquer as large as possible of market share of the NFT and DAO markets, and eventually deliver a huge upside to all of the token holders.

Additionally, It takes time and patience. So far, we have had several periods where the token was trading at 12x , 10x , 7x, 5x etc. where some of you even already took that profit.

However, we currently experiencing controversial times in the crypto market, and the XIL token has been under some sales pressure. We have successfully stabilized the price, but want to make sure that we can grow it quickly and efficiently. The key factors for that are generating more buy-side demand, and reducing further sales pressure. So to make all our investors safe and provide more confidence to the market, we have decided to extend the lock up for team tokens, and added an additional 1 year lock-up from now for the team tokens.

We do it for only one reason - to make our token stronger, improve its performance, and provide as many benefits as possible to all of the token holders and especially long-term token holders. We are the biggest investors in our project, and we lock ourselves for longer than anybody else to show that we are committed for true long term development and growth.

We strongly believe in the DAO and NFT markets, and we are confident that solutions built for those markets will be thriving during the near future.

We have a great team, working product, proven concept , and we are already generating revenue. We are going to be launching more DAOs and NFT pools soon. This includes a Gaming/Metaverse DAO, TalentX DAO, Investment DAO, the largest TikTok House NFT pool, and more! Our community believes in us - 20% of the circulating supply is locked during the market volatility, and downtrend is the best evidence of this fact.

We strongly believe that our community is our biggest asset. Everything we build, we build for you guys, so we want you to enjoy our products. We are super open minded to all constructive feedback you have, so feel free to share any ideas / suggestions you have. We will listen to every piece of feedback you send, and will do all our best to implement the most reasonable ideas. You have a great chance to help build an amazing product together with us!

Thank you for the support, as we highly appreciate it and will continue to nurture the company’s growth and success!

Have a great week!

From John Slyusarev

CEO of ProjectX and Xillion.one

About Us

Xillion.one by ProjectX is a launchpad for NFT issuers, Celebrities, KOLs, and other key figures who would like to set up pools of NFTs and raise funds for it via a public sale (IDO style). Project X works to provide the most secure and simplified way to gain exposure to the NFT market with the use of pools and Indexes. The aim is to create different themed pools of NFTs which include Music, Digital Art, Sports Cards, and KOL issued NFTs to name a few. They have also signed partnerships with Polygon, Terra Virtua, LOCG, Glimpse and more than 10 other blockchain companies.

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Xillion.one - a fully-fledged ecosystem for DAOs. All of the essential tools for building a successful DAO included in one convenient and easy-to-use platform.

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Xillion by ProjectX

Xillion by ProjectX

Xillion.one - a fully-fledged ecosystem for DAOs. All of the essential tools for building a successful DAO included in one convenient and easy-to-use platform.

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