Learn2Earn DAO: How to Participate

Hey Xillionaires, our Learn2Earn DAO is approaching its launch. So before we open staking for the allocation contribution period, we would like to explain to you how to participate in this upcoming sale:

1. You will need to have a total of 40,000 XIL in your balance for this option. First step is to stake for allocation. You need to stake exactly 20,000 XIL on xillion.one for 28 days, and by doing that you will get an allocation for 20,000 XIL to purchase exactly 1 L2E NFT when the sale starts. (so a total of 40k XIL is required, 20k XIL to stake for 28 days which remain yours + 20k XIL to make the actual purchase)

Note: It’s first come first serve, so if there would be more than 100 users who staked XIL tokens for allocations, then only FIRST 100 USERS WHO SHOW UP DURING THE SALE will be able to convert their allocations into an actual NFT.

2. Show up to the DAO sale and send 20,000 XIL to the smart contract.

3. Get the link to the NFT page, where you will need to claim your NFT by using a wallet that works in the Polygon (MATIC) network. Most of the popular wallets are compatible.

When you get your NFT, you are able to join the platform by visiting the website and clicking “Join now”. Make sure you have an NFT on your wallet, because that’s the only one way to get access to the platform.

About us

Xillion.One - a fully-fledged ecosystem for DAOs. All of the essential tools for building a successful DAO included in one convenient and easy-to-use platform.

Launch your DAO with no coding required in just a few clicks, raise funds easily, manage your DAO, and automate all governance in our all-in-one platform.

Buy and hold the XIL token to gain access to the exclusive Xillionaires club. Here, you will be able to unlock amazing benefits and privileges such as lucrative staking, exclusive airdrops, and more by simply holding the token.

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