L2E DAO Platform is Developed

Xillion by ProjectX
2 min readAug 12, 2022

Hello Xillionaires! Today we have very exciting news to share with our community.

Our V1 of the L2E DAO platform development has been completed! The first version of the platform will be available on the next day after the NFT sale is completed (Mid August).

This means that all of the NFT holders will be able to start using their NFTs almost immediately after purchase. Even more exciting is that the first quiz will be available on the same day!

To quickly remind you, there will be only 150 NFTs at moment of sale (100 for sale, 30 for promo activities, and 20 reserved for partners of the L2E DAO), with a total 1,500. The supply is quite limited. NFTs will be available for purchase in XIL tokens only, so if you want to participate - make sure you have 20,000 XIL in your wallet for making the purchase + 20,000 XIL for staking to get an allocation. So, 40,000 XIL in total where 20,000 XIL will be spent on an NFT and another 20,000 XIL will be staked and you will be available to withdraw them in 28 days.

Also, additional good news is that our first quiz will offer tokens of one of the top-30 projects as a reward. We’ll announce the name of the project on Wednesday!

To celebrate the launch, we have a competition for our community, where you need to guess who the first quiz will be about and get 1 NFT for free. There will be only 3 NFTs to win, so we will randomly select 3 users with the correct answers on twitter.

How to participate?

Follow XIllion on Twitter, retweet our tweet , tag at least 3 of your friends, and guess the name of the project (For example, Ethereum). Wait until Wednesday when we announce the actual name of the project, and get the prize if you win.

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