Intro to Xillion Platform

Hey Xillionaires,

We’ve noticed some new investors and token holders have joined us recently, so starting today we will be regularly introducing you to our platform’s features.

This includes features we already have and ones we are currently developing. All users will be thoroughly updated and informed about the power of the Xillion platform.

First, what is Xillion? Xillion is a fully-fledged platform for launching DAOs, raising for them, and efficiently managing a DAO’s day-to-day operations (governance, treasury, etc.).

Why does the market need it, you may ask? Currently if you want to launch a DAO, you need to use at least 3-5 different solutions / platforms which are usually not integrated one to another. This is super inconvenient, slow, too complicated, and not cost-efficient.

To solve it, Xillion provides all of the must-have features under one roof, on an easy-to-use platform almost for free. Additionally, we will even invest in the DAOs we like.

Retweet the following tweet & become one of the 10 lucky winners of $50 in $XIL token:

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Xillion by ProjectX

Xillion by ProjectX

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