Important Update for Token Holders: Token Swap at an Increased Valuation

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5 min readDec 6, 2023


Hey Xillionaires,

Before we start we’d like to mention that we got inspired to explore this idea after several conversations with our long-time supporters and OGs such as Eddie, Casper, Clowreed, Mikael and many others. We always appreciate your involvement / ideas and support guys, and will do all our best to grow our ecosystem to the new levels. So, let’s get it started.

As you know, we’ve been tirelessly working for the last two years, made a successful pivot to a new business model and we’re finally happy to announce that we are preparing for a re-launch of our native token due to significant changes in our business model and successful pivot we made. We want our native token to fairly reflect the value of the assets we have as a company. Most important news for token holders is that this relaunch will turn all the current token holders’ positions into profitable or at least will significantly increase their value instantly.

Quick overview

  1. As you may know we pivoted to an Incubator model around a year ago. Now, we build projects, grow them, monetize, and then either sell or take them public.
  2. Since pivot, we’ve achieved significant success and proven our capability to build and grow projects with no budget in the middle of the bearish market. We’ve built and currently own five projects, each valued over $5M. We continue to build and acquire more startups. At present, we have a presence in RWA, DeFi, SocialFi, and EdTech. Each project demonstrates a solid track record and excellent performance. So because of that we decided to relaunch to make the token reflect the real value of the assets we hold, so we will relist with the new fair market cap.
  3. Our native token grants all holders free tokens for each project under our umbrella. So you own 1 token and get tokens of all the projects we build. Additionally, we will be using up to 50% of each project’s profit to buy back tokens from investors and the market every quarter and burn them. So XIL will become a deflationary token and supply will be steadily decreasing which is a great way to increase the price if demand is growing at the same time.
  4. During the first 12 months, we will maintain an incredibly low circulating supply while simultaneously investing heavily in marketing and revenue generation. The token demand will be high, but the sell supply will be very low. Consequently, we believe this will drive up the token’s value. Following the relaunch, we anticipate an immediate increase in the value of your current holdings by a factor of around 8-10 due to a revaluation of the company. Which means if your current holdings value is $10k after the swap it will become $80- $100k. Snapshot will be done 72 hours before the re-launch.
  5. To foster growth and deter immediate token dumps, we will apply a vesting schedule for all new tokens. This approach will afford us some time to bolster liquidity, stimulate buy-side demand, and establish the project’s ground. The vesting schedule is investor-friendly; the first unlock will happen in 6 months after the listing (with 2 following unlocks in 9 and 12 mo respectively), allowing you to realize the return (20% of the total holdings will be vested), then another 30% will be vested in 9 mo, and another 50% in 12 mo.
  6. As you understand, to make this all efficient and quicker we need to get some capital, so currently we are raising a relaunch round to utilize it for a marketing campaign with influencers, to grow the revenue, and to maintain sufficient liquidity.
  7. By combining that with a low circulating supply, this will allow us to make sure that value will be holding at reasonable levels and potentially growing. So, we want to provide all the token holders with an opportunity to make a sufficient upside by doing that.

What we are doing now

We are negotiating with a few L2 chains who are offering us to build on them, instead of / or in addition to Polygon. So, we are looking into options and trying to see who will be able to offer us funding. Because we don’t see any reason to build on a different chain without this aspect.

We will anyway do a re-launch / swap even if we won’t be able to raise a round, but in this case we will need to rely on very limited resources, so everything will be slower.

Influencers & Marketing

To bring our vision to fruition, we’re prioritizing the active promotion of our project to continuously onboard new users and token holders. Our goal is to ensure a steady influx of new token holders, so demand will most of the time surpass supply.

At present, aside from our internal marketing on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, we’re planning to emphasize heavily on collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to reach new audiences and convert them into token holders.

Here is the current structure of our KOL program:

  1. We offer every KOL vested tokens as a form of payment.
  2. The first token unlock (30%) will occur in 1 month, followed by the second (30%) in the subsequent month, and the third (40%) one month after that. This schedule ensures that influencers stay committed to the project for an extended period. It also provides an additional incentive for them to talk about and support the project. Of course, there’s no guarantee that all influencers will meet the agreed expectations, which is why we plan to rotate every three months. During this evaluation, we will replace underperforming participants with new ones.
  3. We are mostly targeting small / mid size influencers with a well-engaged audience who have reasonable pricing and good enough quality of the audience.

In conclusion

We've showcased strong adaptability and the ability to build efficiently, even amidst a bear market and with a limited budget. Imagine the significant progress we could make with sufficient resources.

We want our tokens to accurately reflect the value of our ecosystem and reward holders for their support and patience. Given our high potential and the forecasted peak of the bull season around mid-2025, it feels like a perfect time to execute this plan.

We greatly appreciate and value feedback, comments, and ideas from our community members. Your insights on how we can improve are always welcome. So, feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

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Xillion by ProjectX is a Web3 Tokenized Incubator that provides every XIL token holder with free tokens of every project it incubates.