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Today, we will be covering the supportive segment of Impact/Philanthropic DAOs. As this segment has grown, there has been an emerging theme of social impact that has grown with it as well. Many leaders in the DAO space have recognized that there is a natural harmony between DAOs and social impact, and have capitalized on this relationship to develop DAOs which contribute to important social causes in new and innovative ways.

With the members serving as the key stakeholders and decision makers at each DAO, these communities are already primed not just to give back to causes they care about, but also to subsequently create a positive feedback loop.

Popular Impact DAOs:

1. Climate DAO

  • Climate DAO is attempting to combat climate change by coordinating large groups of people to help empower investors to make changes in climate-affecting companies. This will help eliminate the need for an investor with large sums of money to influence the decisions of the company.
  • Add yourself to the waitlist for ClimateDAO. We’ll reach out with next steps soon to get you onboarded.
  • Connect your Metamask wallet and receive shares and voting rights for the fund. If you don’t have a wallet, get one here.
  • Check out proposals from the community, discuss in the forum, vote on proposals, and also submit your own.

2. Big Green DAO

  • Big Green DAO, launched by Kimbal Musk (Elon Musk’s brother) is tied to Big Green, a national 501(c3) food justice charity which teaches people how to grow food to improve nutrition security, mental health, and climate impact. Big Green DAO latched onto the decade-old charity to restructure grant-making and put the nonprofit in a favorable financial position.
  • The Big Green DAO is controlled by its grantees and donors.
  • Since 2011, they have been teaching people to grow food.
  • They now support schools, families and communities across the country to grow their own food through training, grants, garden bed donations, and providing materials directly to teachers and growers to create and support their garden programs.
  • The Big Green DAO committee is made up of organizations working in food and tech. All of their members have all been awarded grants and will play a key role in guiding the direction of Big Green DAO.
  • Includes:
  1. Wande Okunoren-Meadows, who is a nationally recognized early childhood advocate with over 25 years of experience leading and championing community-based programming.
  2. Veronica Dimas, who is known as “Vero,” the Executive Director for the Brownsville Wellness Coalition, a 501C3 nonprofit.
  3. A-Dae, who works as Director of Programs in Native Food and Agriculture for First Nations Development Institute, and is the Co-Founder/Director of the California Tribal Fund.
  4. Catherine Fleming, who has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, having worked for some of the industry's top corporations and rising to VP level.
  5. SSG Lacy McDonald, who has served honorably with the United States Army for 13 years with 2 deployments to Afghanistan.
  6. Dianna Zeegers, who joined Big Green after nearly two decades working in public education in Wisconsin.
  • Your favorite food or gardening nonprofit can receive funding from the Big Green DAO. Successful applicants will also receive a DAO governance token to drive future funding.

3. Charity DAO (Moloch style DAO)

  • Charity DAO coordinates efforts and problem solving around crypto and blockchain applications for charitable giving.
  • Some goals of Charity DAO:
  1. Organize campaigns around fundraising activities.
  2. Solve trust and scalability problems with charity using decentralized technologies.
  3. Build tools for easy creation of legitimate crowdfunding campaigns.
  4. Improve the user experience for non-crypto savvy users to engage in crypto charity.
  • To pledge:
  1. Create a profile and tribute on DaoHaus.
  2. Create a github issue using their template to introduce yourself.
  3. Once your membership has been approved by the DAO, you can manage your DAO shares in Pokemol.

4. The Giving Block

  • The Giving Block makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency fundraising easy for nonprofits. Empowering mission-driven organizations, charities, universities, and faith-based organizations of all sizes to leverage crypto technology to achieve their mission.
  • The Giving Block was founded in 2018, when millions of people around the world made a fortune investing in and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.
  • With backgrounds in financial management, cryptocurrency, and nonprofit fundraising and operations, co-founders Alex Wilson and Pat Duffy set out to create a platform to help nonprofits to accept crypto donations and allow donors to quickly identify crypto-ready charities.
  • Powers a donation platform for nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency.
  • Builds a community to raise awareness of crypto’s potential to fuel social good causes.
  • Creates viral campaigns which empower nonprofits to connect with their pools of donors

5. Angel Protocol

  • Angel Protocol plays a critical role in solving the challenge of less than 60% of charities having enough saved in their reserves to cover more than one year of operating costs.
  • Angel Protocol has developed a platform providing easy access to low-risk, high-yield endowments which provide charities with financial freedom.
  1. All funds are governed by open-source, audited smart contracts.
  2. No monthly fees and no setup costs. They leverage the low cost of decentralized finance and pass along those savings to their members.
  3. Members’ endowments are automatically leveraging the highest yield, low-risk decentralized financial products. There’s no need for a fund manager and they provide the investment policy. Members’ charity dashboard will provide all the information users need.
  4. “Donors give once, and give forever.”
  • Each charity is listed with an alignment to one or more United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
  • Donors that are looking to make a sustainable impact, select an individual charity or group of charities (Angel Protocol Charity Index) to donate to. They select what percent of their donations go to the charity’s endowment versus account for immediate access.
  • Charity endowments grow at high-yield rates. Each month, a portion of the endowment is released to the charity’s liquid account for immediate access.

Endowment enables smart contract philanthropy by allowing Donor-Advised-Funds/ Community Field-of-Interest Funds to be powered entirely by smart contracts, a new kind of digital agreement facilitated on the Blockchain.

This creates a dedicated Blockchain address for every nonprofit organization to receive a grant from one of their dedicated supporters. Together with an easy-to-use donation and grant making application, it paves the way for building a new kind of community foundation, with values and functionality aligned for crypto. This system connects people on the ground directly to the supporters, and provides a level of transparency/accountability which no other system or platform can offer.

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