Hedge DAO Launch Announcement

Hey Xillionaires!

Today is a very exciting day for the entire community!

Xillion is proud to announce a new DAO we’re incubating now - HEDGE DAO

Hedge DAO

Hedge DAO is a decentralized AI-empowered hedge fund that outperformed BTC by 29.8% for the last 3 months.

This project provides all users with an opportunity to put their funds under the management of this investment DAO, and the Hedge will be automatically managing them via its proprietary self-learning system.

We’ve making internal tests and this product outperformed BTC for the period from 29th of July to 25th of October by 29.8%. But anyway, even after those tests, this product will be in a beta version for the first 1-2 months, because we don’t want any of our users to put their funds at risk. During these 1-2 months, Hedge DAO will be managing its own funds and will be distributing 50% of its profit (if there’d be a profit) among users who stake a minimum of 50,000 XIL. The more you stake, the more you get.

Regarding the business model of this product, it is quite similar to what hedge funds offer. For the first 1-2 quarters, Hedge will be charging a 30% performance fee, after that it’ll be charging an additional 2% of AUM (Assets under management) as well.

So, you all will be able to see a dashboard with the live data, such as ROI, but won’t be able to invest until after the first 1-2 months.

Core team of this product consists of 5 people, they are mathematicians, traders and developers who are working on the investment models, algorithms, and AI-systems. The Xillion team is helping with the product development, partnerships, business development, fundraising, etc.

Hedge DAO will be accessible only to those who stake at least 50,000 XIL.

How to participate?

At the beginning there would be just 50 slots.
1. To get one of them go to xillion.one and stake 50,000 XIL.
2. Our system will automatically add you to the whitelist.
3. You’ll be among the first users who will get access to the product when it goes live, which means you’ll be able to put your funds under the management of Hedge DAO.

As a special bonus, if Hedge generates a profit during this beta test period (1-2 months), then 50% of this profit will be distributed among the stakers.

Visit the Official Hedge DAO website here: https://hedge.xillion.one/

Watch the YouTube Explainer Video

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