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6 min readSep 7, 2022


Hey Xillionaires!

Here’s a recap of the recent AMA that took place today, September 7th, at’s Discord server with Xillion’s L2E DAO led by Nathan Dessalegne, the Head of Business Development at Xillion and Managing the Learn2Earn DAO.

Have a read! Questions:

Q1: What’s the L2E DAO?

The L2E DAO from Xillion is a specialized platform where members gain access to high quality educational content, and complete quizzes to earn real rewards in different tokens. The DAO will be making partnerships with projects of all backgrounds to truly encompass the entirety of the Crypto ecosystem. Additionally, the DAO will host engaging quizzes where users can earn real rewards.

The DAO will have a heavy focus on creative engagement tools (clear, concise, and engaging visuals/audio) to save time for our quality users on unnecessary research, and bring awareness to key points to accelerate proper learning of the market. Features include access to the platform and all of the education content via NFTs, entry into our exclusive Discord channel (only via NFT as well), and quizzes where only DAO members will be able to make real rewards.

Q2: Why is the Educational DAO one of the best use cases for NFTs?

Although the formation of Educational DAOs are still in the early stages at the moment, these DAOs provide the crucial foundation for the development of the entire DAO ecosystem. Educational DAOs seek to foster proper guidance and interconnectivity between all branches of the ecosystem, involving the utilization of expertise both within and outside of the Crypto world.

Educational DAOs will continue to expand as additional industries and areas of expertise begin to emerge in the greater Blockchain ecosystem. At the moment, there are more opportunities and open lanes for collaboration than ever before, which leaves room for innovation beyond our imagination.

Q3: How do the NFTs work / what utilities do they have?

One of the distinguished features/utility which the L2E DAO NFT will bring users is the direct access to projects with high growth and trustworthy teams. Ownership of the NFT serves as a personal “Middle Man”, where the important research is done from our experienced team. The NFTs serve as a tool to not be used for simple immediate financial gain, but instead for true long term investment into notable and trustworthy projects.

NFT Utilities:

  1. Access to the platform and rewards - only users with the NFTs will be able to gain rewards by participating in quizzes.
  2. Access to the closed door community in discord.
  3. Exclusive pieces of content dedicated only to l2e DAO NFT holders.
  4. Voting rights for the next partnership to make.
  5. Breeding - you’ll be able to breed your NFTs by adding new skills, changing visuals, etc.

Q4: How do you use NFTs in the DAO?

To begin, users will need to purchase an NFT to gain access to the platform. The first batch of NFTs is available for purchase only in XIL token (Xillion’s native token). At the moment, the NFTs will be used to gain access to the L2E platform / all of the education content, the exclusive Discord channel, and for the weekly quizzes.

Moving forward, users will be able to use their L2E DAO NFTs to join the built-in closed-door chat for DAO members only, increase the value of your NFT by adding boost factors (higher level of your NFT, the greater your rewards will be), and vote for the next project which the DAO members would like partner with.

Q5: Why have you selected to partner with the current projects announced, and what kind of companies are you looking for to partner with in the future?

Our selection of partners for the L2E DAO is aligned with our Bear Market Strategy. We are addressing the hectic nature surrounding multi-billion crypto empires going bankrupt and losing billions within a few days and the acquisition frenzy which has begun. This being said, we feel that it is critical to sift out low quality and risky projects, and provide access to true long term projects for loyal participants. We are in close talks with several of the other Top-200 Blockchain projects from around the world.

The projects that we have announced ( and Polygon) encompass the dependability and trustworthiness expected by quality long term crypto users, and have shown over the years their ability to grow and keep stable (whether in a bull or bear market). Beginning our partnerships with some of the most notable projects will allow both ourselves and our partners to leverage our experience and set proper precedent. We are open to partnering with all genres of quality projects (in terms of sector of market), being that this is the only way to bring proper alignment among the wider ecosystem.

Q6: How does the Xillion Platform help the L2E DAO Operate?

Xillion is the home of DAOs - the platform where you can launch your DAO, raise funds and find all the features that every DAO manager needs. This is why we have selected to use Xillion as the main platform where our DAO operates. All the features such as voting as a service, investing, treasury management, fundraising, the DAO itself (quizzes and content platform) were provided by Xillion. After making a market analysis, we can say that Xillion is the best existing platform for launching and managing your DAO at the moment.

Q7: Where can we find more about the L2E DAO by Xillion?

To learn more about Xillion and the Learn2Earn DAO, please follow our community networks for more information and important events coming soon!






Youtube: Community Questions:

Q1: Are you a global project or a local project? Which market are you currently focusing on? Do you focus on growth to gain users and partners?

The Xillion team is composed of a diverse collection of members from around the world, operating in time zones ranging from the United States to Australia! This Learn2Earn DAO is an Educational DAO, so there is no specific focus, as to create the most opportunity for collaboration with projects of different backgrounds. The project is in its early stage, so there is a focus at the moment to retain a quality user base and partners to properly showcase the ecosystem.

Q2: Can you share your opinion about DeFi & NFT? What makes your NFTs rare and special?

DeFi and NFTs are the critical infrastructure needed in order to execute a proper working and managed DAO. We connect users to reputable projects and products not seen before in the market.

NFT Features:

  1. Access to the platform and rewards - only users with the NFTs will be able to gain rewards by participating in quizzes.
  2. Access to the closed door community in discord.
  3. Exclusive pieces of content dedicated only to L2E DAO NFT holders.
  4. Voting rights for the next partnership to make.
  5. Breeding - you’ll be able to breed your NFTs by adding new skills, changing visuals, etc.

Q3: Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not that good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

We promote our countries quite heavily in Non-English markets, as this is a key to success and long term growth for any project. We work with KOLs from all around who help to distribute and translate all of our news, with a current community of 1M+.

Thank you all for reading, Xillionaires, we hope to see you again in our next AMAs!

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