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6 min readMay 30, 2022

Greetings Xillion.One family! In today’s article, we will be covering one of the fastest growing segments in the Blockchain Universe, gaming. Specifically, we are taking a further look into Gaming/Metaverse DAOs, and how the already well-established and devoted Crypto Gaming community has been making strides in establishing DAOs to facilitate proper alignment with the principles of gaming and decentralization.

A Gaming DAO (also referred to as Guilds) is an organization of players who support each other in all capacities as a community. They are an alliance which utilize traditional concepts of gaming, crypto, and decentralized autonomous organizations. Among other benefits, crypto gaming guilds provide opportunities for those who want to try play-to-earn games but find the cost of entry too high.

Popular Gaming DAOs/Guilds:

1. Yield Guild Games (YGG)

  • Yield Guild Games is the largest guild with a $260,112,409 market cap at press time. The guild was founded in 2020 by Gabby Dixon, who is a veteran gamer and Axie Infinity player.
  • As the pioneer of crypto gaming guilds, YGG has adopted the name “Guild of Guilds” as it comprises almost all of the other popular gaming guilds in the space. YGG has raised a total of $28.4M in funding over 5 rounds as of Jan 2022. Some of their big name investors include Animoca Brands and BlockTower Capital. $YGG is the native token of Yield Guild Games which is backed by the guild’s assets, it is an ERC-20 token they use for governance.
  • Participants in the DAO will be owners and managers of the entire ecosystem of the YGG network. Decision making will be prorated based on a participant’s ownership to the overall DAO through a YGG token ownership. Tokens will represent voting rights in the DAO.

2. Merit Circle

  • Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that creates opportunities for crypto and gaming enthusiasts.
  • The Merit Circle DAO consists of a mainDAO governing over numerous subDAOs that function like tentacles, spreading across the play-to-earn industry. The DAO is maintained by various independent parties and individuals through governance, empowering holders through the $MC token.
  • Their most prominent partnership is with Axie Infinity, although there are plans to work with Illuvium, Hash Rush, and Star Atlas. The project launched in November 2021, but it has been in development since July 2021. It already has a massive community despite its young age, with over 3,000 DAO members.
  • 30% of the profit the gamers earn using the in-game assets they lend out if kept, while gamers keep the remaining 70%. Merit Circle has raised $4.5M from investors in the seed round in Oct 2021. Some of the investors include DeFiance Capital, Mechanism Capital, and Spartan Group, to name a few. $MC is the native token of Merit Circle with a total supply of 1 billion tokens.
  • The Merit Circle DAO consists of four verticals. Each vertical can stand-alone with its respective products but together they create an ecosystem that adds value to the Merit Circle DAO (Investing, Gaming, Collaborative Studio, and Marketplace).

3. UniX

  • UniX started as a simple gaming guild but is already becoming one of the biggest hubs in the P2E gaming space. UniX Gaming’s guild sets out to identify the most promising video games players and equip them with everything they need to succeed in the highly competitive world of NFT gaming.
  • Not only does it provide training and educational content. The best players are offered full scholarships, enabling them to borrow the NFTs required to access the best known P2E games and start winning real-life rewards that they share with the guild.
  • UniX will also be educating close to 30,000 people per week for free by providing them with a full-time education program through their Learn-And-Earn platform which is due to have its version 1 release in Q2 of 2022.
  • A joint-venture between Guide Education and UniX Gaming will create a tokenized education platform where they connect their community with teachers who are able to provide an IELTs accredited education.

4. Avocado DAO

  • Avocado DAO will focus on investing in current and future NFT (Non-Fungible Token) assets within games and emerging metaverses and lend the NFTs back to their guild members to optimize yield. The goal is to share the profits of the DAO with the guild members and the owners of the Avocado Guild ($AVG) token and maximize the utility of all the NFT assets owned by Avocado DAO.
  • Focuses of this DAO can be segmented into the following key areas:
    - Education: To educate and introduce people new to crypto to the benefits of crypto gaming, whilst assisting them in learning about the possibilities with how the DeFi space can truly enrich their lives and communities to build an enhanced version of the world we know today.
    - Acquisition: To identify and invest in blockchain gaming assets with a high value proposition along with a large scalable capacity for development and growth. Part of this process would be to assess the current and future capabilities of games to provide yield generating and community building opportunities for our scholars.
    - Partnership Alignment: To engage in mutually beneficial relationships to form strategic alliances with crypto gaming companies to enrich platforms with Avocado DAO industry leading knowledge and governance. The Avocado DAO will also seek partnerships that can bridge real world application for the $AVG tokens.
    - Establishment: Develop game agnostic scaling technology for cross game and cross chain integrations to increase scholarship size, game exposure and increasing revenue. Growing the community sustainably by educating and empowering it with the right instruments to help them perform their best and be proud of the foundation.
    - Aspirations: There are abundant possibilities for Avocado DAO and, with further advancement, integration of the $AVG token with the “real world” use cases would be the next step.

5. PathDAO

  • Vision for PathDAO is to leverage the onboarding and conversion of the masses of Web2 users into the Web3 space using blockchain gaming as a gateway. With their expansive home market of South East Asia — they are working to accelerate innovative value for both gamers and players in the blockchain space.
  1. Has brought in 5000+ scholars from the likes of Axie Infinity, Vulcan Forge, League of Kingdoms, Thetan Arena, Mini Royale, and Pegaxy to name a few
  2. 41K+ community members & $19M AUM
  3. Secured investment / partnerships with >25 blockchain game ecosystems
  4. Assembled a strong panel, including Kieran Warwick — co-founder at Illuvium, Kyle Chassé — CEO at PAID network, Anderson Sumarli — CEO at Ajaib, fintech unicorn in Indonesia, Prakash Somosundram — CEO at Enjinstarter, and Pino Tedesco — CEO at LVT Capital
  • Ownership of $PATH tokens give the holders a voice in directing the future of PathDAO. At the initial stages, the founding team with the help of advisors will help steer the DAO, but as more tokens are released to the community and public, the steering becomes more and more decentralized.
  • The PathDAO governance forum will be a place where $PATH holders can share their opinion and broadcast proposals to shape the direction of the DAO. Each token holder can then vote to accept or reject the proposals, where the volume of $PATH tokens held is the weight of each voter.

Gaming DAOs/Guilds are leading the charge in solidifying true use-case scenarios, where the components of DAOs are showcased to their fullest extent. We at Xillion.One welcome all current and prospective members to voice their suggestions for any Gaming DAOs which they would like to see join the Xillion ecosystem. Successfully launch your DAO on Xillion.One, and earn up to $50,000 in investment from us!

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