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Hello community!

After previously recapping the general components and types of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), this article will be focusing on one of the most vital categories of DAOs - Educational DAOs. Although the formation of Educational DAOs is still in the early stages at the moment, these DAOs provide the crucial foundation for the development of the entire DAO ecosystem.

Educational DAOs seek to foster proper guidance and interconnectivity between all branches of the ecosystem, involving the utilization of expertise both within and outside of the Crypto world.

Educational DAOs

Below are five Educational DAOs which are currently providing valuable content (In no particular order).

1. Odyssey DAO

  • Creating quality "explain like I’m five" learning paths backed by a thriving community.
  • 100% free web3 education.
  • Includes paths to learn basics of web3
    - Intro to Web3: Start here if you’re new to web3. Learn the core concepts, how to buy cryptocurrencies, and how to set up and secure your crypto wallet.
    - NFTs : Learn how to buy, sell, and mint NFTs. They also cover how to find a great NFT project and how to create your own.
    - DeFi: Learn how to save, borrow, and invest your crypto assets. Covers core DeFi concepts such as decentralized exchanges, lending and borrowing, and yield farming.
    - DAOs: DAOs are communities that are collectively owned and managed by their members. In this path, they cover how DAOs work, how to find DAOs to contribute to, and how to create your own DAO.
    - Breaking into Web3: Follow their step by step guide on how to transition to web3 full time.
    - Web3 Reference: Explore their web3 glossary and resources to dive in further.
  • Topics Include: What are Stable Coins, What is DeFi, How to Lend and Borrow Assets, How to Yield Farm, How to Contribute to DAOs, How to Buy NFTs on Secondary Markets, How to Avoid Scams, etc.

2. Invisible College

  • Recently launched their first educational media property — a weekly newsletter called The Syllabus. This is a co-creating library of self-serve courses that will help members build NFT collections, DeFi protocols, blockchain games, and DAOs.
  • Includes an immense resource library. This includes weekly posted content on topics involving the building blocks for Web3 careers, investing in GameFi, how Crypto Hedge funds and Consumer Tech operate, and regular Town Halls with notable figures to name a few. Important links, categories, and content types are provided in a simple grid layout.
  • There is a campus map which shows a digital layout similar to the layout of a physical college campus.This includes admissions, lecture hall, “The Quad”, IT department, and even a community learning annex.

3. Bacon DAO

  • A Grassroots guild of thinkers and investors.
  • Includes a daily digest with daily Crypto analysis, Market analysis, altcoin gems, project reviews, and other opportunities.
  • BaconDAO incubates NFT teams and artists with a full stack solution (NFT token issuance, community building, partnerships, marketing, and bonding curve sale).
  • Provides members with quality project research and market analysis, as well as opportunities to invest in early-stage private sales.
  • Connects blockchain startups with smart money and helps cultivate a passionate and knowledgeable community through education.
  • Holders can access member only content such as daily market analysis, token sale alerts, Altcoin gem picks, and other educational content. They can also have access to partner groups and firms.
  • Assists in Discord community incubation, and connecting projects with investors/influencers/partners.
  • Deploys price discovery tools such as NFTX pools, analytics, dashboard, and floor price bots.
  • Works with projects on pre-launch strategy including NFT utility, sale price curve, and reveal process.

4. Illuminati Dao

  • The goal is for someone of any skill level to be able to come to the page to learn about concepts, protocols, yield strategies, etc.
  • Utilizes community knowledge contributions, has weekly newsletter roundup, talent/job opportunity postings, general tools/resources, and structured/personalized learning tracks for individuals.
  • Includes DeFi content creator (Shivsak) who is the co-founder of Magik Invest (simplifies yield farming process) who also worked as a software engineer at Google. The other founder is the Head of Labs at Momentum 6 (writes crypto articles and leads the research team).
  • Topics Include (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, & FAQs): Basic Crypto concepts, Web2 vs. Web3, Pro Tips for navigating Crypto content on Social Media, Avoiding Scams, Overview of Major Blockchains, “DeFi 101”, Understanding Wallets/ Yield Farming, Advanced Concepts, and Basic Questions.

5. Scribe DAO (Curation)

  • ScribeDAO is a learn-to-earn DAO that creates incentive structures for motivated Web3 community members to upskill themselves from readers of content, to synthesizers of content and ultimately to creators of content.
  • The goal is to make DAO/Crypto knowledge a public good by making it more accessible by breaking it down in bite sized chunks. This is done by developing structured roles which empower users to become better learners, proficient writers, and establish leadership skills. One of the main components involves the gamification of learning, which rewards all users in the learn-to-earn model.
  • Topics/Features Include:
    - A growing following of 2000+ readers to give exposure to writing that’s important to you.
    - Enabling an atmosphere where students can co-own and collectively govern their schools, and where learners and educators will have aligned incentives through holding the same tokens.
    - The university model is often subdivided into colleges or schools. Each college has an area of expertise and the university as a whole aggregates these colleges so students can gather information across disciplines, in which DAOs are perfectly situated to improve on this model.

Educational DAOs will continue to expand as additional industries and areas of expertise begin to emerge in the greater Blockchain ecosystem. At the moment, there are more opportunities and open lanes for collaboration than ever before, which leaves room for innovation beyond our imagination. The team is excited to be a part of this transformative era, and will continue to provide our community with informative content.

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