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Today’s DAO topic looks into the highly competitive and fragmented world of Global Science/Research, which in the case of Blockchain is being revolutionized by the formation of DeSci (Decentralized science) applications.

The Decentralized Science (DeSci) movement has gained incredible momentum in recent months, with the launch of many new DeSci projects and DAOs, and the hosting of DeSci conferences and events all over the world. The decentralized science (DeSci) movement aims to harness new technologies such as blockchain and Web3 to address some important research pain points, silos and bottlenecks.

The DeSci movement aims to improve the current centralized structure by using blockchain to offer greater transparency, and to reverse the negative effects brought upon by profit driven intermediaries. Instead of applying for grants from funding bodies (like the NIH), a decentralized community crowdsources the funds for research. The community is also the one who owns any value produced, instead of the traditional research institutions or companies.

Popular DeSci DAOs:

1. DeSci Labs

  • Are building tools to enable scientists to form Autonomous Research Communities (ARCs) that operate on the Ledger of Scientific Record.\
  • ARCs select, validate, and curate promising scientific discoveries. Each step of the process is recorded on-chain, creating an immutable and permanent public record.
  • The DAO is based off of an independent think tank of leading scientists and web3 pioneers, dedicated to exploring the potential of applying web3 technologies to the scientific ecosystem.
  • Their mission is to support high-quality science by:
  1. Thinking carefully about the potential opportunities and risks of applying web3 technologies to the scientific ecosystem.
  2. Bringing scientists & web3 pioneers together.
  3. Supporting initiatives that have the potential to improve scientific progress.
  4. Creating new ways to finance and incentivize high-quality, replicable science.
  • Particularly passionate about projects that support:
  1. Open science practices such as pre registered analysis plans and open data, methods, and code.
  2. Replication studies.
  3. Open access to scientific publications and peer reviews.
  4. Fair rewards for the work that scientists are doing.
  5. Fast and unbureaucratic financial support for future research.

2. The Science DAO

  • A decentralized think tank, incubator engine, and accelerator platform aimed to empower inventors, entrepreneurs, and institutions to collaborate and make informed investments in a wide spectrum of technologies and life sciences.
  • Advisory board comprised of executives, industry leaders, professors, doctors, scientists, and experts in their fields.
  • The Science DAO will be available to retail participants on the open market. However, the key demographic of targeted participants will be scientific funds, institutions, and universities. The DAO aims to bring these institutions together, to foster growth and to bring forth emerging technologies to the masses.
  • The goal for The Science DAO is to bring cutting edge technology and scientific breakthroughs to the masses, for the betterment of society and humanity. The end goal is to build a complete DAO for Science.
  • Areas of Focus Include:
    - Health/Environment (Medical, Genetics, Nutrition, etc.)
    - Computing/Technology (Blockchain, AI, Interactive Environments, etc.)
    - Natural Science (Material Sciences, Chemistry, Botany)

3. VitaDAO

  • VitaDAO is a new type of entity in the biotech research space, and its members will own the intellectual property assets that result from the projects it supports and funds. Its mission is to extend the human lifespan by researching, financing, and commercializing longevity therapeutics in an open and democratic manner.
  • Their increased understanding of the underlying cause of all major age-related diseases is driving progress in the development of new therapies to prevent or reverse age-related diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s.
  • They are financing, researching, and collectively supporting promising areas of longevity research targeting the root causes of age-related diseases to increase human health and quality of life.
  • Anyone can govern VitaDAO by acquiring VITA governance tokens through the contribution of funds or by earning it through the contribution of work, research data, IP assets, or services to VitaDAO. VitaDAO will acquire IP rights, R&D data, and also commission research to further develop its assets.

4. Molecule

  • Molecule is a marketplace for funding, collaborating and transacting early-stage biopharma research projects.
  • Researchers get to present their research projects, find investors and collaborators and advance their research projects. Investors and funds get exposure to new biopharma research projects looking for funding for their research goals.
  • Early-stage bio-pharma research suffers from complex legal agreements, missing transparency, and reduced investments.
  • Molecule aims to solve the "valley of death" by standardizing legal agreements and creating public and liquid markets for funding early-stage research projects. With the advent of decentralized ledger technology (e.g. Ethereum), the creation and management of financial assets have become easier than ever.
  • Via Molecule, researchers can offer different legal agreements for assets originating from their research (IP, royalty rights, etc.) and collect the funding they need. Investors can easily fund research and provide the funds in an instant given the integration of cryptocurrencies.

5. LabDAO

  • LabDAO is a global online community of scientists and engineers that come together to develop and share open tools for life science research. The community’s mission is to accelerate progress in the life sciences by making both computational and wet-lab tools accessible to all its members globally.
  • Members within LabDAO implement algorithms and laboratory processes to offer them to community members on a peer-to-peer exchange, openlab.
  • The community is also focused on sharing access to resource intensive bio-computation.
  • They are coming together to build a community-owned and operated exchange of wet-lab and dry-lab laboratory services.
  • Open source code has accelerated progress in information technology over the last 20 years. This success is enabled by the ability to share instructions (code) at low cost and to reproduce results with high reliability.
    - In contrast, open source in biomedicine has been less transformative. The high cost of reproducing life science processes and the low reliability of generating expected results has been a roadblock to open source market dynamics.
  • To accelerate progress, LabDAO develops tools, such as openlab, to enable scientists to share their specialized tools and services with each other. Instead of going through a lengthy search for collaborators or contract research organizations (CROs), scientists can exchange services on a global marketplace. Openlab enables every biotech scientist, grad student, postdoc and professor to become an independent inventor or entrepreneur.
    - Payments on openlab can be both in the form of shared IP (co-ownership is the new co-authorship) or other tokens.

Scientific research, both in academia and elsewhere, is notorious for its gatekeeping and bureaucracy. Science DAOs, on the contrary, have a lower barrier to entry. They are designed to reward scientists for their contributions, not necessarily their reputation.

DAOs incentivize collaboration and open sharing of data and therefore bring innovation out of the high barriers of academia and industry. By incentivizing transparent sharing of all data, decentralization will be able to help remove the traditional redundancies seen in the Scientific Research community.

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