Breaking: Xillion (XIL) launches Illuvium (ILV) Gaming & Metaverse DAO

Hey Xillionaires,

We are proud to announce Xillion’s first Gaming & Metaverse DAO - Illuvium DAO.


Illuvium DAO is a hybrid of a decentralized VC and gaming guild with a focus on Illuvium Metaverse assets. This DAO is tailored to engage with investors who believe in the potential of the Illuvium Metaverse and players who want to be a part of the Illuvium game. This is the best way for everyone to gain exposure to Illuvium’s best in-game NFTs, and is the easiest way for all users to be able to play by using those NFTs while generating a good profit (without buying super expensive in-game NFTs).

Problems this DAO solves:

  • The vast majority of in-demand Illuvium NFTs would be quite expensive, and sometimes not even easily affordable for the vast majority of potential gamers. So, Illuvium DAO will provide all of them with the opportunity to rent in-game NFTs instead of buying them. Additionally, the DAO will allow them to keep 80% of the profit they would make from the game. The only one thing they need to do is to become a DAO token holder. Even $10 in the DAO token will open them an opportunity to get expensive and rare in-game NFTs from the DAO’s treasury.
  • Taking into account the level of hype around the Illuvium Metaverse, many investors want to gain exposure to its in-game NFTs, land, etc. However, due to the high demand, the price wouldn’t be affordable for the average crypto market participant. We don’t like the current state, where whales are buying entire collections and consuming all of the benefits (while the average small-time player struggles). Therefore, by combining our forces, everyone can gain exposure to those NFTs and own a fraction of them. This is the most efficient way to invest in Illuvium’s ecosystem and get all of the benefits, without spending millions of dollars by yourself. Even by investing just $10 into the DAO token, you get a fraction of the DAO’s treasury where the DAO holds all of the NFTs.

In summary, we want to democratize the world of Metaverse investments to make them accessible and affordable to virtually every market player. Additionally, we want to make the process of investing less risky, due to the fact that the collection would be rigorously selected by experts and the community of investors. So you are able to not only invest, but to also participate in the decision making process regarding the assets which the DAO buys.

How the DAO works:

  1. DAO raises funds via private sale and public sale.
  2. Adds them into the treasury
  3. Selects the assets it would like to buy (all the token holders will vote for the assets to buy).
  4. DAO buys the NFTs and adds them into its treasury.
  5. DAO announces the scholarship program, and all of the DAO token holders become eligible to rent the NFTs to play.
  6. DAO will be voting for the most important decisions.
  7. DAO will be enthralled fully controlled by its members. (Since the moment when there would be enough token holders to become fully decentralized).

Why Illuvium?

There are several reasons:

  1. P2E Metaverse. Strong and scalable in-game economy with a well-integrated native token.
  2. It’s one of the most hyped games at the moment on the market. More than 100,000 players are in the whitelist for a beta version.
  3. Illuvium’s community is active and vibrant, so the demand on their in-game assets (NFTs) would more likely reflect this level of activity and hype.
  4. Illuvium is making strategic partnerships to expand their ecosystem.
  5. It has a good market fit for players and for Metaverse investors, so it would be not only NFT-for-play demand but also NFT-for-invest demand, so that could make a positive impact on the value of those NFTs.

Illuvium DAO is the very first Gaming-related DAO which Xillion has launched. As you all know, our strategy is to launch several small sub-DAOs, such as the Illuvium DAO, and combine them under the one umbrella.

How to join?

Get whitelisted now here:

Website | Xillion Platform | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |



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