AllSet Launch Announcement

Xillion by ProjectX
3 min readAug 24, 2023


Hey Xillionaires, it's a big day for Xillion! We have completed development of the first version of our RWA platform, AllSet, which allows everyone to invest in fully-managed real estate through fractions.

So, what can you do on the first version of AllSet?

  • Browse properties, view their details, and select which one to buy.
  • Buy fractions of a property or even the entire property, and receive a guaranteed rental income along with a complimentary stay. You can spend anything between $50 and 100% of the property’s price.
  • Manage your property on the platform with just two clicks - book your stay, sell (after a lock-up period), and access all property information, including paperwork.

What's next?

Currently, we are in the process of onboarding (and adding) properties to feature on our website and enable users to invest in. Once fully onboarded, we will make an announcement, and you can start buying them through our platform. We expect it to be done by Wednesday.

How much can you buy?

  • You have the option to buy 100% of any property, offering a guaranteed 10% annual rental income, assured profit upon resale, and 100 days of complimentary stay. There are no additional fees, and all expenses, including property taxes, are covered.
  • For investments between 10% and 100%, the same benefits apply, except the number of complimentary stay days will be proportional to your percentage of ownership.
  • Starting from $50 and up to 10% of the property, all the benefits remain the same, except for the complimentary stay days.

Referral Program

To enable everyone to earn with AllSet, we offer generous commissions to individuals who refer buyers.

  • If you refer someone who purchases an entire property, you will receive a guaranteed $20k.
  • If you refer someone who purchases a fraction of a property, you will receive 5% of the amount they spent. For example, if your referral spends $10,000, you will earn $500. If they spent $100,000, you will earn $5k, and so on.
  • If you become an AllSet accredited broker, then you will be making up to 7% to 10% from every deal. (e.g. if you sold a $1,000,000 property your commission will be from $70,000-$100,000).

How can you join?

You can reach out to our moderators on social media

  • You have the option to simply post our ready to use content or to produce and post your own content about AllSet on various platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Weibo, Wechat and any other. Simply attach your referral link to the post , so that all your customers will be automatically connected to you, visible in your account, and you can receive the commission payout directly by clicking 1 button.
  • You can also recommend us to your friends and clients in person. Add interested individuals' details (name/phone/email) to our system, and we will handle the deal closure while you earn a commission.
  • Furthermore, if you meet the requirements, you can sell as an accredited broker. After an interview, learning about our product offering, and completing a test, you will be featured as an accredited broker on our website for your city. You can sell to your customers and attract new ones from our website as well. This option is perfect for existing real estate brokerages, agents, and realtors.

As you can see, the AllSet referral system is suitable for anyone. You can simply post content, refer others, or even close deals yourself as a remote closer. Imagine earning $20k with just one post.

You can check your customers in the system anytime, and after the sale is closed, you will receive your commission payout within 3 business days in USDT, USDC, US Dollars, EUR, GBP, or another currency of your choice.

Stay tuned and get a chance to check out the platform, and start investing in fully-managed real estate with a guaranteed rental ROI of 10% / year.

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