All Set: Project Update

Hey Xillionaires!

Let us give you some quick updates on how our new Real Estate platform All Set is doing.

Currently, we are actively onboarding investment real estate owners who are real estate developers, real estate funds, syndicates and private real estate owners as well. It’s going relatively well considering that we have just started, and the project is getting comparatively significant interest because of one main reason:

Investment in real estate is a very oversaturated, complex, and a low-yield market for the vast majority of players. So, if you want to make more than 5-7% / year, you have to be very innovative. Now, here we come with our solution which instantly provides all of the real estate owners with 15%-50% in additional income, and makes all of them very interested as you could assume.

We allow them to partially tokenize their property, and turn let’s say 30% (you could do even 100% as well) of it into a real tradable asset and receive all of the benefits from that. This could be a % from the entire trading volume, instant liquidity, faster value appreciation, and so on.

This feature is absolutely unique; nobody else is doing anything even close to that due to the technical complexity and the fact that this market is just getting started.

Our offer is quite simple. If you have an investment in real estate (14 trillion dollar market) we increase your income without changing your daily operations. As you understand, that sounds quite good for many current real estate owners.

At this very moment, we are finalizing a partnership with a very significant real estate developer and several other real estate owners. We don’t want it to be launched in a rush, and instead are focused on onboarding high-quality partners from the real estate market (who are actually ready to adopt the innovations we offer).

Our goal is to get 1-2 good cases first to showcase how the platform works, and then keep onboarding manually-selected, reasonably valued real estate.

Additionally, several VCs and real estate funds have reached out and asked if they could invest in the project.
So, we are currently talking to them regarding a first investment round for the All Set. We want to select long-term useful investors / partners only, so we are quite selective.

These are some of the latest on how All Set is doing now! We are actively working and bringing as much effort in to make this product thrive. We will keep you updated on a monthly basis on what’s going on in all of the companies we have in the Xillion Incubator (All Set, Hedge, L2E, and all future projects).

We are working tirelessly to build our infrastructure and grow all of the projects as much as possible, so that before the next bull run we will be fully ready to garnish all of its benefits.

P.S. Stay tuned for Monday! We will make one more significant announcement about one of our partnerships!



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