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3 min readMar 31, 2023


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The rise of AI in the cryptocurrency world is a major trend this year, as many crypto projects aim to integrate AI into their systems to enhance productivity and sophistication. The combination of blockchain and AI is viewed as a huge opportunity by institutional investors, who see it as the future for many industries. In this article, we explore the top 5 AI crypto projects that are leading the way in this sector.

AllSet AI

AllSet is a revolutionary Web3 platform that makes real estate investments accessible to everyone by allowing investors to buy small pieces of property starting at just $10. The AI technology used by AllSet evaluates properties for their potential passive rental income, growth, and liquidity, providing a significant advantage over traditional methods that rely on human analysts or biased brokers. AllSet is incubated by Xillion, a Web3 incubator and PE firm.

The Graph

The Graph is a protocol that enables indexing and querying data from blockchains in a similar way to Google for websites. The Graph organizes data into smaller “subgraphs” to simplify indexing and querying of blockchain data.


SingularityNET is a blockchain platform that enables the building, sharing, and monetization of AI services. Users can browse and pay for AI services on the platform’s internal marketplace using its native cryptocurrency, AGIX. Developers can also earn money from AI solutions and models without having to develop full applications for end-users. is an AI and machine learning platform based on the blockchain, designed to automate business tasks such as data processing and trading. The platform's native cryptocurrency, FET, is used to facilitate transactions on the network.

Hedge AI

Hedge AI is an asset management platform that leverages AI to analyze the market, identify the best assets, and execute trades to deliver profits to users. Hedge offers a unique product that provides full insurance for deposits at just 1% of the deposit amount. Hedge is incubated by Xillion, a Web3 incubator and PE firm.

Major AI Applications

We believe that there are two industries where the application of AI makes the most sense.

First would be finance, specifically hedge funds and trading systems. AI's ability to scan the market and reach unbiased conclusions based on patterns, historical trends, and other factors is difficult for humans to replicate. More importantly, AI removes the human factor from the decision-making process, leading to more efficient and predictable outcomes.

Second is real estate, the world's largest market, which faces key issues such as liquidity and accessibility that require innovative solutions. However, applying AI to real estate solves an even more significant problem - selection. In the real estate world, there's a well-known saying that "you make a profit when buying a unit, not when selling." This means that finding a good property at a reasonable price is crucial to success in real estate investing. The right property is more likely to appreciate in value and generate substantial rental income. Therefore, choosing the right property is the most crucial step in real estate, and products with a competitive edge in this area thrive. This is what AI does perfectly!

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